U can't waste your time by screaming

I turned around to see it staring at me. By it , i meant the thing that heavily gripped on my ankle. The baby started crying but i was too busy to notice that. Its face was fascinating. Half the skin was peeling off and showed off its peachy flesh  The skin was snow white which turned green in some parts. It eyes seemed to see right through me but the thing was it had no pupils at all just milky white. I still felt I had all of its attention. It then gave off a smile that  a shark would of been proud of called its own. It revealed its green pointy teeth. If that wasn't bad enough, i could smell the stink of its breath a mile away. 

I like to tell you that I wasn't scared and merely shook it off me and continued running away. But I couldn't, it may sound cliche but I literally was stuck on the spot. Unable to scream or run waiting for it to make the first move. Which it  did. It sank its sharp teeth into my leg. I could feel it piercing through my skin into my flesh. It awoke me from my statue like spell. I screamed as loud as my lungs could help but it would not stop only it bit harder. I pushed away from me to the floor where it looked at me with its milky eyes and my crimson blood  all over its face. I then ran as fast but the rest of the bodies began to rise up again. Their hands reached out, greeting me.  I stepped on them   hard and tried to hold to the baby as hard as i could, giving it only a millimeter to breathe. He kicked and wiggled, desperate to be let go. I only held him tighter. I reached the hospital doors and pulled it open with my spare hand and only allowed a second to look back. They were began to stand up, only to stare with me, with a look of pure hunger and anger mixed together.  I  couldn't leave them like this. They couldn't control themselves, if they could stop they would have.  I searched my bag and found a tiny purple fire lighter. I put the baby down on the floor ( which did not please him at all) and dragged a bench in front of the hospital doors. I flicked my lighter on , and set it on light. The fire spread to the building and  into the room. The things were seen set on fire. The fire turned their white/ green skin into ash black. They screamed and moaned as the fire burned through them  to reveal their bones. I turned to look at my leg which hurt to no end. It was bright red where it had bit me, the skin had turned grey. I wanted to cry, because I knew whatever they had been infected with it was now inside me.


The End

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