chapter 3 : this is not a horror film.

My opinion has changed. I HATE hospitals. After you spend 4 hours looking for someone alive. Checking pulses, seeing if their chest area is moving, etc gets dull after a while and you begin to hate your surroundings. After I was almost sure that everyone was definitely dead I made my way outside. As  I left the hospital reception, i began to think. What was I going to call the baby? I couldn't call it "him or "it" forever. If he was a girl, I would call him after my mother, Amelia.  I'm not too sure he would be pleased by that though.  I looked at him. He had black hair growing slowly on his head and the tiny green eyes.  I held him tightly to me. Would his mother be pleased that I  was taking him away from this hellhole or would she want him to die along with her? But what mother would want their own child die?

i finally reached the main reception  I tried to walk over them but they toppled over each other making it almost impossible for me to get out. Then one mistake i fell over sending the baby into fits of tears. ( once again ...) I slowly realized why I fell over.  I had  not tripped over the many dead bodies but something was tightly gripping my ankle....



The End

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