miracles in hospitals

Wheres the first the place you go when the worlds ended? For me its the hospital. I always liked them, not just it was because its where my mum worked. I saw it as a place of healing not a place of dying. It shocked me that people said they were "scared" or "all those diseases hanging bout" I just saw things differently as everyone else.
I walked in the main building of the hospital and the smell overwhelmed me. It was the mix of dead bodies and rotting food pressed together. The smell wasn't the worst, it was the sight. The whole room was decked with dead bodies toppling over each other. Some were sat on the little chairs while others just lay on the floor. I tried not to look but how can you when there was just so many? I closed my eyes and tried not to trip over them.
" hello" I cried out.
My voice echoed the building. No one was around. I walked to my mothers office. I made this walk everyday and one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much was the fact that it went right past the new borns. They were all so small and tiny with no opinion about anything. All waiting for the start of life. Would they they be disappointed in life or would they live happily ever after if that was possible..... Now I looked at them and it almost broke my heart. Tiny little corpses lay silently in their metal cribs . They would had no chance, immune system way too weak. Don't look I told myself but I couldn't help myself. I looked at them the- WAIT! A little baby in the corner far away from everyone else. The baby`s little stomach was going up down. It was alive, acutally breathing. The little chest was going up and down like clockwork. I went in and went over.
" hello , are you alive?" I whispered to it
It opened its tiny eyes to reveal little blue eyes and then it opened its eyes. It then yelled loudly.
"yep definitely alive" I told myself.
I tried to shush it but nothing would work.
" I'll get you food hey?" I told it.
I bent down and looked at the sheet of paper by the crib. It said
sex: male
name: unnamed

There was all other details about the birth was written in. How did the baby live through three days without water and food? This was impossible, it went everything my mother taught me but there it was alive in my hands. Should i give it a name? First on the list was the medicine then Ill play mother I told myself. I walked along the second time to mum's office. It was still same, untidy with documents hanging everywhere. In fact the only thing different was a small photo frame with her and some other man I din't recognise. I put it in my bag, seeing as i did want to go on without my mum , i just didn't a life sobbing about her death. One photo was enough. I then took the first aid kit underneath her desk. I wanted to go around once to see if there was a second miracle in the hospital.

The End

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