Breathing Again

-chapter one-   leaving home 

My mothers dead  body lied carefully on her green sofa. Her eyes were closed tightly and she wore her favourite scarlet dress. I stared at her, i mean she was dead. The disease had riddled through her body and her skin looked similar to a mouldy  banana. Yellow with specks of green on her body. It was disgusting and almost made me want to vomit in my bathroom but i couldn't. This was my mother, the one who raised me and gave birth to me.  I couldn't just leave her. Not now.  

I clenched my teeth. Why did she had to die? She was the strong one. Not me , i was the weak one who just followed her and used to phone her whenever there was a noise in our apartment.  

" Mother, I know you say I'm weak but not any more.  I won't cry for you, for i know that crying will never accomplish  anything in life. I won't kiss you for if I do then i might look like you." i told her 

She didn't speak back of course but i felt if she did she would have been agreeing with me. I then pulled a blanket over her body. 

When did this start? A week ago the world seemed  so normal but then a new disease  begun to pop up. It starting off us something meaningless, everyone just continued their lives. But it rapidly increased until nearly the whole world was sick.   My mother and I was amazingly interested in it. Every news article that came out we read, we looked out for the symptoms and had  often visited people who had the disease. i once asked her

" why are we doing this aren't you worried that we will get sick ourselves" 

" You have to risk something to achieve something"

I wanted to ask her what she wanted to achieve but i guess i never will.  I guess it was her work. She was a doctor and any type of illness fascinated her. She came with illness fact files and i rembered them all from malaria to chickenpox

It was no surprise that she came down with it but then people  started to die.  I tried to fool myself that mother wouldn't die but she did. Here I was saying goodbye. I took my bag of supplies and left the house. 



The End

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