Anstia sat at the kitchen table, her brother Jason wrapping gloze around her arm. He looked up at her, and frowned.

“An, you know I’m taking you to the hospital, right?” He asked. She nodded. She had thought her would. “The cut you made was fairly deep, Anstia. I just want to know why.” She sighed, tossing her a red stain of hair out of her face.

“Liam was making out with Marcy outside of the school.” She said, looking down at the table cloth. “And I say them.” Jason nodded, and sat down beside her.

“So you choose to cut yourself? Anstia Marie, you know how fucking dumb that is?” He said with a sigh. Ok, go put on a pair of pants and meet me in the car. She nodded and went up the stairs.

She quickly changed into a pair of black sweat pants. She looked at herself in the mirror. Who was that girl with the red hair, in braids, with the gloze down her arm. The girl was pretty, mince the cuts down her arms. It couldn’t be her, the way she had sworn never to cut herself, yet she had.

And that scared her. She had the perfect family, mince a Father. Her Mother was a Business women, who spent time doing mission work in third world countries, her brother was going to collage to be a lawyer, and she was a A list girl. Or she had been. She know by morning all of Greensburgh would know she cut herself, she would be labeled as Emo and no longer be a A-list girl. Well, not that it mattered to her, but she enjoyed being popular.

She hugged the sweatshirt close to her tiny frame, and walked down stairs to the garage. She found her brother waiting inn the warm, red Lexis. She climbed into the passer side, and bucked in.

“Will you do it again” Jason asked, after five minuses of since.

“I don’t know,” She said studding her pants.

“Don’t, Anstia. Your beautiful, but that guy was a dick. I know you love him but-” She cut him off.

“You don’t get it! I was suspense to marry him! He was-is the love of my life and Marcy just took him! She forget my name for Gods sake! She was-is suppose to be my best friend. I just can’t believe she did that.” She pulled her knees up her chest, the best she could with a seat belt on, and starter to cry. She wished she had a razor at that second.

“I know what your thinking. You are not going to cut yourself. I swear, when you being checked out, I’m calling Mom.” He said coldly.

“Don’t you dare, Mom will come home from, Haiti?, and make me go see a Psych, and she will check Marcys ass.”

“Dan right she will. You’ll lucky I haven’t.” He pulled into the huge medical center that three towns, including Greensburgh, shared. “Come on.”

She sighed and got out of the car. She looked down at herself.God, if anyone from school is here, I’m screwed.She thought, walking into the E.R.

“Anstia, come here.” Jason called as she entered the large, ugly, waiting room. He was standing talking to a nurse, both looking at her. The nurse had short, curly brown hair, big brown eyes that looked like bambi, pink scrubs, which totally clashed with her hair. Bt there was something odd in her. A bruise. But that bruise looked like someone’s name.

She walked over, trying to figure out what the bruise meant. It was diffent a name, but she couldn’t ‘t tell.

“Hey Anstia, I’m Grace.” said the nurse. She held out her hand, and Anstia took it gratefully.

“Hi.” Anstia mumbled.

“Listen, me and you are going to look at your, err, cut while your brother calls your Mother, Okay sweetie?” Grace said with a smile. Anstia nodded, and followed her into a examine room.

“Okay, tell me why you cut yourself before I take a look.” Grace nodded and sat up onto the bed. She told her everything. Ad cried darning it.

“Oh, sweetheart. Look,” Grace turned her arm over so Anstia could get a better look. “When I was your age, I dated a boy name Payton. I loved him. But, long story short, he did the same thing to me that the boy did you.”

“Oh.” She understood. “Why did you cut yourself?”

“Why did you?”

The End

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