Anstia is a pretty girl, with all she could ever want. Expect for liam, her exboyfriend whom she dated for almost three years. When she finds him kissing with her so-called best friend, she dumps him. Thats where the trouble starts.

Anstia sat in her bathtub, holding back tears. She couldn’t cut herself, but she had to make the pain go. The pain he caused. The pain was him.

She held the razor inches from her arm, ready to crave his name into her forever. She loved him, he HAD loved her. Or so she thought.

She felt the razor price her skin, a burning pain shooting thourgh arm.

“Liam, how could you?” She had said, when he found him and Marcy making out behind the school. She stood there, clutching his big football jacket over him tiny body.

“Anstia, Oh God, it’s not what it looks like!” He said full of panic.

“So you weren’t tongs fighting with her/” She said coldly, tears filling here eyes. Marcy stood up, he face red, and two hickies of her neck. That bastard, she thought.

“Listen, Annie, I’m sorry.” Marcy said, forgetting her name.

“It’s Anstia. Good-bye, bitchs.” She dropped his jacket on the cold ground, reliving her red camie. She was freezing. She begin to ran towards the front of school, then home. She wanted to be home.

“Why did he do this to me?” She asked herself, standing in a towel in her bathroom, still bleeding. She felt his name burning into her pale white skin. Her almost perfect skin. Till now. That tiny inperfulen in her arm, a sing of the love she had for Liam. Till her broke her forever. Now she was un-fixable because of him. Because of Marcy.

She slipped out into the hallway, coving her cuts. She locked her bedroom door, and cried.Why did he do this to me? Why? I thought he loved me, I thought I loved him. But I do, right?

She stood in front of her mirror, studying the words burnt into her skin. She had done that, she had caused the pain. Well, the razor pain, not her broken hurt. Nor her social life. She had only two friends, and they where making out with each other.

Marcy had been her best friend since she was a child. She lived next door, always had, and propbley will till collage. They had played together, done everything together, they even got there periods on the same day. But that changed when Anstia got Liam. And now Marcy had him.

Anstia slowly put on her whit slipover, braiding her hair, and sitting into bed. Liam had slept with her in this bed. They didn’t have Sex or anything, but he held her. He loved her.

She begin to sob again. Louder and louder. Forgetting her brother, Jason was home.

Jason was in her room, looking at her arm in half a heartbeat. Right away he know. Right away he held his little sister, and let her cry into him.

The End

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