Breath To Stay

I have no idea where this came from, I was feeling a little sad and a song inspired me. It is fictional btw :)

I see you, even if you're not there. You never leave my mind for more than a few moments, how could I forget you anyway? You were  are the most important thing to me. My deepest wish is that I could hold you tight in my arms again, just one more time, even if only for a second. At least I could feel your heart beat one more time. It's beat was seconded in sound only by your voice.

 I remember we were out one evening and it started to rain. The rain started so suddenly, so heavy, we had to run all the way home, when we stopped running you said your heart was beating 100 beats per second, you took my hand and put it against your chest to feel your heart. I'll never forget that pulse running through my fingers.

Your face is forever engraved in my memory, I pray it never fades. To those who never saw it, I pity. To those who see it now, I envy. 

I miss you everyday, it feels like a piece of me is forever lost.

I'll never be complete again.

The most important part of me was you.

Wherever you are now, if you see me, don't feel what I feel.

I wouldn't wish this upon anyone.

What reason do I have to wake up in the morning if not to see those beautiful eyes looking back at me.

If I'll never feel your warm breath again , what's the point in taking breaths to stay?

If I could be with you forever, even not in this life, I would give up everything. But I'm too afraid there's nothing after, if I were to end my life.

The End

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