Breanna's chicken

Breanna Loses Her Chicken When She Is Looking For One Piece Of Corn! OH NO! Will Breanna Find The Chicken? Or Will She Die Alone? READ MORE TO FIND OUT!


One day Breanna was skipping along with a chicken. Her chicken's name was Chicken Wing and he liked to eat corn. Breanna started looking for some corn when Chicken Wing started flapping his wings. "CLUCK CLUCK!"  yelled Chicken Wing as he found a piece of corn. Breanna laughed and nodded to  Chicken Wing. "Eat it then" she smiled. Breanna started walking down to  the stream and Chicken Wing was pecking at the corn. Breanna walked over to Mrs. Hussleberry's corn feild.  Mrs. Hussleberry waved at Breanna. "Help your self dearie" Mrs. Hussleberry said sofly. " Thanks Mrs" Breanna smiled as she started picking some corn. She had forgot all about Chicken Wing.

The End

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