The First Letter

"You'll call me when you land right?"

"Of course! The very second I touch the ground."

I watched as Lucy got onto the plane, still not really sure how I felt about all of this. It isn't that I wasn't okay with the fact that she was offered a scholarship to study in London, far from it in fact. For the past few weeks I've been almost as excited for her as she was, looking at things she can do, getting things she may need. That didn't bother me at all, it just felt like it would be too long.

I had met Lucy in my first year of university in Vancouver. We weren't studying the same things, and we didn't share any classes, so the fact that we connected so well after we met in tennis club still surprises me a bit. Especially considering how much I suck at tennis, and that I was only there because they were offering free cookies, but I digress. We started dating very soon after meeting, maybe the second or third week. She always appeared to be a quiet person in public, but we talked just fine. I suppose her shyness was likely due to her having just moved to BC from Ontario, and she didn't really know anyone. And, luckily for me, I just happened to be anyone.

It had been just under three years, and we were both about a year and a half from finishing our degrees before she got a call from the school. She had applied for an overseas studying program and, luckily, she had gotten in. The program would last about a year, and I'm not completely sure if any of the credits there transfer to our university during that time, but that didn't matter to her. Lucy didn't care about how her grades would be in London, or how this may help her future career opportunities, she just wanted to go to London. She never really explained why, and to be fair I never questioned her. She was excited, and I was excited for her. 

I felt that excitement evaporate as she approached the hallway to the plane. As she stood in the doorway, she turned one last time and smiled. She didn't wave, she didn't say she loved me, she didn't change her mind and run away from the plane, she just smiled. I returned one to her, and she made her way onto the plane. I walked up to the window so I could watch the aircraft take off, and realized how alone I felt in that moment. I hadn't truly lost anything, and she had only been away from my side for about a minute, but that was still longer than I had been used to for a while. I took a deep breath, and as I watched it take off, I thought to myself that I would be okay. She'll call to tell me she's okay when she lands, and then she'll send me letters every week to keep me updated. At that moment, I wasn't worried.

A few hours later, this feeling was validated as Lucy did in fact call me shortly after she landed. It wasn't immediately after she touched the ground like she had promised, but airports can be loud, so it made sense to me. 

"Well I'm glad the flight went all right, did you find the apartment okay?"

"I didn't have to, actually. It turns out the university sent a guide to fetch me from the airport."

"Oh that's fancy. Maybe I should have signed up for a course away from home, I enjoy feeling important." She laughed. She tells me that I'm funny, for some reason. I never believed her.

"Anyway, if we call for much longer we'll both be charged a fortune. I'll write you as soon as I can."

"All right Lucy, I love you."

"I love you too, Jonathan." 

I had become a little impatient while waiting for the letter, mostly because I didn't really have much else to wait for, I guess. I can only imagine what the mailman must have thought of me, but that didn't really matter after I finally opened my mail slot a month and saw that it wasn't empty. I grabbed it, ran up to my apartment, locked my door, sat down, and ripped open the top. Then, after much of my own anticipation, I began reading.

"Dear Jonathan,

How are you, honey? I hope you're managing okay without me, because I'm still trying to do the same without you. It's been three weeks and I'm still trying to get used to not only being away from my boyfriend, but in another continent all together. 

Don't get me wrong though, I'm having a great time. I have been loving London so far, everything looks so old to me. But in a good way though. Like, I never thought I'd ever see a real palace in my life, especially not one that actually has a queen in it. Also, because I know you'd want to ask, no, I still don't know why there's a big Ferris wheel around no other rides here. Maybe this is just to have a big Ferris wheel? I don't know, but I have tried it, and I've liked it a lot.

I've met some people already, so I don't want you think I'm getting too lonely. I think I should be able to make some great friends while I'm here, I'll keep you updated on who they are.Also, classes have just begun, I think I'll enjoy them for the most part. I know I'm here to study, but dammit, I just want to be in London!

Other than that, nothing much is happening yet. I think I'll let you go for now. I'll write another one to you soon, maybe you could write one back? I'd love to know how things are going there while I'm not around. I love you Jonathan.

Love, your Lucy."

The End

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