it Blooms in Nature

'Jack,' he whispered, grabbing his attention from the window. At the call of his name, Jack turned to face Trevor, a mere twist of the neck and drop of his shoulder.

Words didn't pass between them for a few moments. Their eyes and faces were enough, they had learned to read each other.

'You know I can't,' came Jack's reluctant words, breaking the silence. Trevor's look was imploring, a mix of longing and impatience.

So rather than face the gaze, Jack turned back to the window. Grass immediately before him, gray mountains tinged with green at the reach of his vision, and towering pines between the two. It was his sanctuary, the outdoors, and Jack could wander among the trees for hours on end, never becoming lost, always finding something, sometimes himself. Sometimes, even, he found me.

And that's what Trevor wanted, too. Leaning back in his chair, staring at the back of Jack's head, he must have been wishing that he could find what Jack had found, both in his self and himself

Then again, does anybody really ever find themselves?

'Jack.' He said it as a statement, not as a question. There was no answer from the young man addressed, his mind was still on the other side of the glass. Jack didn't want to come back, he was happy where he was.

But Trevor wanted to move on.

With that thought on his mind, Trevor pulled the guilt card. He laid claim to his honesty with Jack, while in the midst of it Jack sat in secrets like a clam. And not even a happy one, at that.

So he heaved a 'Yes.'

Or at least I believe he did. He spoke circles around the subject, in typical fashion, answering the question he wanted to hear. Jack was happy with his answer; it made sense to him, didn't make him uncomfortable, and didn't break his mask.

But it did chip away at it.

Trevor seemed contented in the reply, and moved to sit beside Jack at the window sill, eyes searching for that same fulfillment that Jack so earnestly believed he had somehow found.

An arm raised, settled, and found itself resting warmly upon Trevor's shoulders. A moment later a firm weight fell upon Jack's own shoulders: Trevor's tired head and budding emotions.

The End

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