I fade away...Mature

I disappear, I am no more an illusion, I am no more a piece of the deliciously sinful pie called EXISTENCE scribbled on the menu of life... I am neither a piano played by the fingers of innocence belonging to the mozart of satan's wine-grave...where opium of sex is injected to bodies, emptied by souls travelling on a higher speed of consciousness penetrating the eternal unconscious... I feel I am loosing even the feeling of loss in a battle I was not destined to win... I fade away...like a fragrance unwanted by flowers reborn, to a garden of red-horizon where hell and heaven meet, in love for the first and last time... Where even time is a wind without glow... without rhythm... destined to move but not live... to transcend but not feel...And finally dissolve beyond yourself into a volcanic eruption of truth that, steals not only your eyes but your clairvoyance...Making your blindness a void as empty as you are right now, away from all sins and salvation, closer to truth therefore no more in identity with yourself-your past, future, or present... Like many sperms polluting a female egg to activate the sexual process of life...you too are diluted by so much sexual invasion, by so much pollution that, the sons and daughters and neutral genders of pure spirit cannot identify their mother, who has lost all memory of existence... along with her husband...!!!
The End

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