Someone's Watching You

He turned back, also surprised, though it was hard to tell with his hidden face. The sunglasses - were they just another guard? I looked at them, properly, and realised that I was now so close that I could see through the tinted lenses, though not clearly. His eyes were on me, my face. I don’t quite know how it happened, but the next thing the side of my face was pressed to his chest, I had my arms around his waist and his encircled my shoulders, one hand patting at my back ineffectually. It was awkward, definitely, but somehow comforting. I almost wanted to laugh through my dried throat, it was such a bizarre situation to be in after the scene of minutes before.

He bent his head, and I felt his soft honey hair brushing my forehead as he whispered in my ear.

“Do you regret my biting you?”

Inside was a conflict - there were a million reasons to regret and to be thankful for it. I couldn’t take a side. But somehow, I knew which answer he wanted to hear, and I shook my head slowly.

There was a laugh from somewhere amongst the shelves, and startled we sprang apart. We were three metres away from each other when a woman rounded the corner and stopped at Phoenix's

She was a vampire, it was evident from the start - she was amazingly beautiful, like an elf, but her beauty was more dangerous than ethereal, and she had that aura. Why were there so many vampires in Slake? And who was she? side. She was tall and willowy, manicured fingernails, a black velvet choker around her pale throat, dressed in an amazingly expensive-looking black silk dress which was very out of place in the current environment. Her long black hair waved right down her back, the artificial lighting casting blue highlights in it.


She linked one of her pale white arms through Phoenix’s and encircled the other around his waist. She didn’t take her eyes off me, though, looking at me intently, her own eyes glinting like chips of pale blue ice set in the snowy white of her face. Her lips were full and pink, her lashes long and black, reminiscent of spider’s legs against her cheeks whenever she closed them. My heart ached at how pretty she was; unlike the elf, whose presence made you content to worship them, this vampire’s beauty made you sad because you knew there was never going to be another person as beautiful as that, and you would never come close.

“This is Shadow,” Phoenix said awkwardly, with a forced smile. He patted the girl’s shoulder. She looked about the same age as Phoenix, possibly a little older, so she must have been nineteen or twenty when she was bitten. She also seemed to possess the same mind-reading talent as Phoenix, because she said next: “I was bitten in 1843. I was the beautiful aristocrat’s daughter, so no wonder the local demons of the night wanted me.”

She laughed, a sound like tinkling glass falling. It made my shoulders tense, as if it was the kind of sound I’d expect to hear before feeling a lot of pain. I didn’t like Shadow - my mind had already decided that the moment she appeared. How much had she seen or heard, anyway?

“Sorry for interrupting,” she said, smiling at Phoenix in a way that made me want to either throw up or punch her; she turned the 100-watt smile on me then, as if I had shouted it across the few metres between us. “But I do believe there are some girls out there waiting for answers.”

“Of course,” he said, subtly removing himself from her arms and beginning to walk towards the doors. To my dismay Shadow waited until I began to follow then fell into step beside me. Her gait was very smooth as if she was gliding more than walking, the way a ghost might.

“So, Ruby,” she smiled again, this time showing her gleaming pearl-like teeth, complete with sharpened canines. “Phoenix has kept me up to date on all your mishaps.”

I gave a stiff nod in acknowledgement of her speech, but I kept my mouth tightly shut. There was no way I was going to engage in a conversation with this antagonistic woman.

The End

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