What Does She Know?

“But wait!” I gasped, grabbing onto Meena, who was closest. “She knew! My mother knew what it meant when I didn’t!”

Willow’s face darkened. “If she knew about the Valkyries, then she knows about everything else. The Eternals, the Citadel, everything. This means the Valkyries were justified in choosing her. She has some kind of exceptional magical bloodline if she knows about all of this without being an Immortal herself. The only way she could know is if someone in her family was an Immortal and passed the stories down. That means you do, too,” she added, making me twitch a little at her reference to me. “ But the Valkyries have many spies and sources. They probably know by now that you have already been bitten and are changing into a vampire already.”

“So they won’t invite me now?” I asked, just to be clear.

“No. Phoenix bit you, and he doesn’t meet their ‘pureblood’ standards, although he was from a very wealthy and respected mortal family. To be accepted into the Valkyries, you have to be bitten in an initiation ceremony by one of the Priestesses.”

“I thought you said they had no religion?”

“Not properly, but the higher-standing Valkyries are classed as Priestesses. They oversee everything, including worship of the Princess.”

“Wow,” I muttered. “It sounds to me like some kind of snobbish convent or something.“

Willow nodded with indifferent eyes, as if she was thinking about something else. I turned back to Meena and asked the big question.

“So, what are we going to do about it?”

“From your mother’s reaction, I think we can see she doesn’t want to join the Valkyries and become one of them - specifically, a vampire,” she said wisely, tapping an almost freakishly long finger against her chin like a musing genius. I would have laughed at her if we weren’t talking about something not remotely laughable.

“I think I got that, myself,” I added sarcastically, but she brushed it off.

“What are we going to do? Well, first, let’s see what we’ve got to deal with. One,” she held a finger of her right hand down with a finger of her left, as if counting them off. “Evil vampire-werewolf guy with his own army of servants definitely knows about you and wants to kidnap you. If the Valkyries know about this amazing magic lineage you have, then he must know as well. That’s why they both sent the invite and the slaves on the same night, so the discovery must have recent to surface. Secondly, the aforementioned Valkyries are going to possibly kill your mother or drive her insane. Thirdly, you were supposed to die so the Eternals could disregard the Tenebrus thing. Fourthly, you’ve been bitten by a vampire and been left to change, and that’s against Eternal Law so they want to stop it quickly, which means they will do anything to get their hands on you. Fifthly, we attacked an Eternal and another Immortal, which means they’ll be wanting us as badly except we’ll have a worse punishment. Sixthly, and last, somebody planted a mirror at your mother’s work and left a shape shifter to guard it, then when you used it she attacked you. As she is left alive, she’ll be no doubt wanting to find you as well.”

She took in a breath to finish and my heart was sinking. I hadn’t realised there was so much to deal with. Some of the things had made me forget about the others as if they cancelled each other out, which they certainly didn’t.

The End

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