Mommy's Home

“Ruby! What are you doing here? You have to be in hospital if the doctors will do anything for you!”

I had to think, and fast.

“They did, mum,” I said, smiling a faltering smile. “They found that the drugs they gave me were controlling it, and even though they can’t operate they say if I keep taking them....”

"I know what they said," she replied fiercely. "I had to sign the forms. They told us they wouldn't stop it."

"Yes, mum," I continued quietly. "It will kill me eventually, but they can keep it in check. It won't go away completely, but hopefully it will become small enough to be a benign tumour. See, I'm already better."

This was all a lie. The medication was supposed to do that, but it hadn't been working. The reason I was looking better - well, still pale and tired, but otherwise - was because I couldn't die anymore. The tumour wouldn't affect me at all as a vampire. I figured that I could pretend when the time came. Or I could always confess later that I was a vampire - I didn't thing it would be something I could keep a secret for long.

"I didn't want to stay in there anymore, and there's not much point. I have a bed at home. If I was just going to lie in it all day, then..."

Her eyes were shiny with tears that threatened to spill out. She crossed the room quickly and hugged me tightly before releasing me and stepping back worriedly. “Why did they let you out so early on your own? The hospital knew I was too busy to come and get you!”

I tried not to let her see my mingled expression of bafflement and relief.

“Sorry, honey, you don’t know. I was at home resting after I had got back from the hospital this evening and I fell asleep on the sofa. I was woken really early this morning by the police ringing. Somebody broke in to the gallery. It’s okay, nothing was taken, but I had to clean up and answer some questions for the police. When the front door was unlocked, you gave me a fright. I thought they’d been here too.”

“That’s terrible,” I said evenly. “Well, the doctors were going to discharge me in the afternoon after they could get hold of you without disturbing you, but I didn’t want to stay there for any longer than necessary, mum. I wanted to get home, and they already gave me an all-clear, at least for now.”

“I suppose that’s alright, but you have worried me so much,” she frowned. I was just glad she believed me and wasn’t going to ring up the hospital about any of it.

“I was waiting for you to get back,” I said quickly, “but now you are, and you’re okay, and so am I, so I think I’ll go to bed now. I’m feeling a little bit tired.”

“You do look a bit… peaky,” she said. “But I suppose that’s … to be expected.”

I nodded briefly then raced up to my room, remembering with an uneasy clenching of the stomach what had happened the last time I had gone running in there.

However when I walked in and closed the door quietly behind me, there was nothing amiss. Meena had taken my place on the end of the bed, Willow was sat on the stool pulled out from the desk and William was looking out of the window.

As soon as she saw me Meena hopped off the bed.

“We think there’s nothing else to explain it if it wasn’t Tenebrus,” she said. “A Bloodwolf neophyte attacks you at a well-known Immortal hang out, then your mother’s new assistant tries to eat you after a transporting mirror is planted in her gallery, then six crazy ninjas tried to kick the crap out of us -”

Willow coughed pointedly.

“Well, yeah, they did try to do a bit more than that,” she amended. “But we owned them, as you know, we always must.”

I couldn’t help but smile. The smile slipped off my face as smoothly as if it had been rinsed off with water. There was a scream from downstairs, and it was obviously my mother’s.

The End

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