Animal I Will Become

 William? I asked, and my voice came out afraid. What are you doing?

He was beyond replying. I realised too late that he had smelled the blood I had been washing off and now he wanted it.

"Don't do this, William, don't!" I cried, trying to reach up and pull his hand from the back of my neck, but it was clamped there like a vice. He was many times stronger than Phoenix.

I felt his hot breath, then his spiky hair against my skin, then something sharp and ice cold. He didn’t pierce my skin with his fangs, for which I was thankful, as I was sure that would have hurt despite my heightened pain threshold. He didn’t need to bite me, the blood was already flowing freely.

I wondered briefly if Meena and Willow had heard me falling to the floor, and if so why it was taking them so long to come to my rescue. Then I realised that they probably hadn‘t, and I had locked the door. This was all my own doing, and I couldn’t see a way out of it right now.

How incredibly stupid of me.

Unlike with Phoenix at the hospital, because his fangs hadn’t penetrated my skin I couldn’t feel the pulsing of him sucking the blood from the wound. It was just like he was drinking it off my skin, really. In fact, it didn’t hurt at all. There was nothing to be afraid of, nothing to worry about. Wow, two vampires had drunk my blood in one night. It seemed some girls had all the luck. I had to mentally shake myself out of my dizzy feeling happiness. Because this was wrong.

He had been extremely thirsty judging by the fact that he could not stop himself any more. I was sure that if he had had enough restraint left in him he wouldn’t have attacked me like that. It was a good thing he was handsome, and that I was forgiving. Well, sometimes. I wondered how much of my blood he would need to satisfy his thirst. I hoped it was not too much - Phoenix had already drunk quite a bit by himself, not to mention that some had been taken for blood tests at the hospital. Now it felt like William had taken more than Phoenix had. If he took much more, it might cross the line over to too much and I might pass out. And in a locked bathroom I wasn’t sure that was such a great idea, though once he had regained control of himself I was sure William could unlock it and go and get Meena and Willow.

Enough now.

The wound wasn’t exactly bleeding a lot, but I knew that you didn’t have to lose a lot before you could black out. I knew from experience that blacking out was definitely not fun.

I summoned all my strength. I was one of the Infected! According to those vampire general knowledge books of Willows, my overall power should be at its strongest. I could beat an ordinary vampire. However, William wasn’t an ordinary vampire. He was a warrior of the strongest and fiercest kind.

He twisted my head so that I was tilted away from him and my wound was painfully exposed. The punctures wept blood and I could see from the corner of my eye that his own eyes were fixated on the crimson trickles. He bent his head. I squeezed my eyes closed, knowing there was no stopping a thirsty vampire warrior like him. I had to just wait it out. Wait until it was over. It couldn’t be that bad...

He dragged me over like a rag doll so that I was lying over his knees as he knelt on the bathroom floor.

I summoned all my strength. Hey, I was one of the infected! According to those vampire general knowledge books of Willow

I gripped his fingers and prised them one by one from my neck. I was sure there would be five finger-shaped bruises there tomorrow. He didn’t resist this time - I suspected that now his thirst had been somewhat satisfied he was able to have rational thoughts again, and they were telling him what a mistake he had made. Still, once vampires started drinking from a body they usually couldn’t stop until the body was drained of blood. Well, that was what I had read or seen in several movies and books concerning the undead. Though really, undead was a ridiculous term because now I knew that vampires had never died at all, they had been reborn into a new kind of existence.

I focused my scrambled thoughts. They were scrambled because I had somehow drifted into a lazy daze, as if I was high on something. It was probably something to do with hormones and something in vampire saliva. I knew from a science class that vampire bat saliva contained an anti-coagulant to keep blood flowing, so there was no reason why vampires themselves could not have the same sort of thing. It explained why the bite marks hadn’t stopped bleeding by now when they should have. It felt as if I had been lying there across his lap for an age, though it couldn’t have been more than ten minutes maximum.

Anyhow, I had decided it was time for his fun to end. I twisted my head round to look at him, loosening his hold on me and turning the bites away from his mouth. His eyes were almost normal again, his pupils still a little dilated but not turning his eyes completely black. That had been scary, as if he was more animal than man.I was annoyed to find that there was blood in my hair again, and there were spots of it on the shoulder of my clean t-shirt. Looking at his black trousers I could see they were stained in places too where my neck had rested on his knees. He had blood on his fingers and around his mouth, his lips smeared with it. It looked disgusting. I knew that before it would have freaked and disgusted me. But I could hardly abhor what I was becoming. I could be like that one day.

The colour had softened from the deep violet of earlier to a lavender colour. He groaned and let me go completely, so I slid away from him onto the tiles. I moved awkwardly until I was against the wall. He was leaning back against the edge of the bath with his eyes closed.

 “William?” I asked nervously. My voice was small but it seemed loud in the cold bright room. I pulled the towel over and cleaned myself up, rinsing the blood out of my hair at the sink after draining the bloodied water out of it from earlier. I firmly stuck a plaster over the bites and then turned back to look at the vampire warrior. He had his head on his knees, his mid-length hair completely hiding his face.

I repeated his name, then walked over slowly, tapping his muscled shoulder. He finally responded, looking up.

To my surprise, his eyes were shimmering with unspilled tears that were pink from the blood he had just consumed.

“I’m so sorry,” he muttered, dragging his long black-sleeved arm across his eyes. He got to his feet and washed the blood off his face and hands, keeping his back to me all the time. I watched his face in the mirror. It was filled with remorse.


The End

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