Willow and Meena had dragged out the beanbags again, but they weren't really discussing. After the general squealing over William's good looks, it had gone kind of quiet.

Meena was thinking about Amber. She had never heard of her, if she was a shapeshifter, and as Mercury Penchant's most recent protogee she was sure she would have. Unless Amber wasn't a legal shapeshifter - she hadn't reported to the Eternals. She puzzled over this for a moment - there was a thought somewhere in the recesses of her brain that would explain it, but whenever she tried to reach it it fled deeper into the dark cobwebbed corners of abandoned thoughts. 

Willow was thinking about Lycan. Well, trying not to. She hated him with a loathing that actually hurt. It burned in her throat and eyes like tears. But there was no way she was going to cry over him. She was the stupid one. She didn't want to think about it any more. She stood up and began to pace the edges of the room, breaking the contemplative silence. Meena watched her complete a few circuits then stood up with a sigh to cut off her path.

"Come on, Willow. We're not getting anywhere."

"Well, what are we supposed to do?" she replied sullenly. "We don't know anything. There's too many things involved."

"I know," Meena said, biting her lip. "I suppose if we really had to we could pay a visit to the Archive."

Instead of answering, Willow had her head tilted back in an almost comical fashion, sniffing the air almost imperceptibly. Meena poked her, demanding her attention again.


"Can you smell blood?"

Meena didn't even bother sniffing herself; as a werewolf, Willow's sense of smell was undoubtedly more reliable.

"Yeah. It's Ruby, remember? Bleeding from the vampire bite Phoenix so affectionately gave her?"

Meena rolled her eyes, but Willow didn't stop sniffing. Her eyebrows contracted, joining together in the middle as she frowned.

"Wait. There's something else. Outside."

"What?" Meena asked anxiously, grabbing Willow's arm. She lowered her head, and now her face was grim with a glint of excitement in her eye. 

"We've got company."

The End

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