William Starling wasn’t such a bad name for an Immortal. He thought he would keep it now rather than think of a new one.

He strolled through the trees, not making a sound. It had been a good idea to take off his mask. He had known that his incredibly handsome face would make the girls like him enough to trust him implicitly. Wait, wait. That was the predator side of him talking. He had told the truth to the infected girl. But not all of it. He was thirsty. He was surprised that none of them had spotted it in his dilated eyes at the scent of all that blood being so carelessly splashed around, as if it wasn’t precious. He was a warrior, though, so of course he was not going to lose control like the pitiful beast back there had. He had thought about staying there, feeding on the elf, but she had been recovering rapidly and would have beaten him in any fight with her immense powers. And besides, the blood on that girl’s neck had smelled much sweeter. Much more appetising…

He stopped and shook himself physically as well as mentally. He had to stop this animalistic side of himself. There were plenty of small animals out here, but their blood smelled as appetising as mud. There was much better to be found in any of the houses along that street. But they were off limits. He could not allow himself to do anything like that, although he knew he could do it without any opposition.

A window opened in the house he was guarding.

Automatically his head snapped up to track the sound. There was such a nice scent coming out of it… such a tasty smell - it caught at the back of his throat and he could almost taste it. Almost. It wasn’t good enough. He wanted the real thing.

He didn’t have a choice in that moment - the predator instincts in him were too strong. He sprung from the ground and clung to the rough brick wall of the house. His fingers found impossible holds in the infinitesimal gaps between the cemented bricks, and he ascended rapidly in an almost spider like manner until he was directly below the window. Here the smell was stronger. He closed his eyes and let the air from the room above sweep through his hair, carrying the scent of the substance he craved. He inhaled deeply, enjoying the burning it caused in his throat. It was a good pain, the satisfactory pain of knowing that the thirst was about to be sated.

I dried and dressed quickly. Surprisingly it had taken me only five minutes, though I had felt like I wanted to stay in the hot water for at least half an hour. At the same time I wanted to get back to my friends and know what their thoughts were on our situation. It didn’t feel safe, somehow, being down here alone, although they were very close by.

I sighed, rumpling my hair halfway dry with a towel, then I crossed over to the window. It was letting cold air in, and it only added to my feeling of insecurity. I reached out my arm to pull the window closed, and to my shock a pair of wild violet eyes met mine. The look in them scared me to my core. It was the look of a hunting animal. And like a shark smelling blood, the eyes were clouding until they were fully black. I could see my own white face reflected in them. Then the vampire sprang and I was knocked backwards into the room. I hit the tiles hard and the air was knocked out of me. The awkward way I had landed tugged at the skin on my neck and the puncture wounds inflicted by Phoenix’s bite began to ooze again.

I looked up, dazed, and saw William stood over me, breathing hard through his nose. Then he knelt down swiftly and took my head in his hands.

The End

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