I was just debating which door to run for when the one opposite opened and a man came through. I could tell he was a vampire immediately just by the aura given off by his presence. This must be how all Immortals recognized each other. He was followed by the two people I expected to see the least but wanted to see the most.

The elf had been about to speak - her mouth closed and she spun, stirring the air with the scent of roses as she turned to see who had entered.

"Celeste," the vampire man spoke, obviously he knew the elf woman. His eyes settled on me. Behind him, the eyes of my friends widened. Meena suddenly jumped and tackled the warrior. Of course she couldn't knock him over. She clung to his back by one arm and her legs and used her free limb to draw the sword from the sheath at his back.

Meena struggled. She couldn't kill him, of course, but she could incapacitate him for as long as possible. She used the flat side of the blade to give him a blow to the back of the head and then, as he twisted to tear her off his back, she drew it across his throat. His blood spattered the floor and he collapsed. She jumped off his body and looked up as a solid stream of magic slammed into her and pinned her against the wall. Through the ripples of white-blue energy like gas flames she saw the beautiful elf's face contorted with anger. Willow had already been knocked flat to the floor, held down by an identical stream. Behind her, Ruby was pressed against the wall.

I didn't know why Meena had attacked that vampire. I knew better now than to think she had murdered him - as with Charlotte, he would heal and wake up again in a matter of minutes. So we only had minutes to - what? It was obvious that my friends knew who Celeste was and she knew them and was trying to stop them from attacking her. Which left it down to me, and her attention was conveniently diverted.

I leapt in the same way as Meena had and struck the back of the elf's head. She screamed as she was forced over and the streams of energy from her palms were cut off. Meena slid down the wall and Willow pulled her knees up and sprung to her feet. I had not realized my nails were so sharp - where I had hit her blood was matting her beautiful hair. She had not screamed in pain and rage, but she tried to struggle back to her feet.

"Blade!" I called, reaching out my hand and looking at the vampire sword Meena had abandoned by it's owner's body.

"You can't kill her! Wounds made by silver never heal for elves!"

"What?! I thought that was werewolves!"

"No! I told you, don't believe the myths!" Willow shouted in anguish. She pulled an old-fashioned Webley from a holster somewhere on the vampire and tossed it. I caught it expertly, which was unusal in itself, pointing it at the back of the struggling Celeste's head.

I swallowed down the lump in my throat. I refused to shoot her in the back of the head in the manner of a cowardly execution. I rolled and threw the elf off me against the wall, surprised by my own strength. Somewhere there was a repetitive thumping.

"I smell blood!!!"

I recognized the vampire's voice from outside, and realized that she was trying to tear through the doors. Damn - she must have been thirsty. Why post a thirsty vampire to wait for me? I felt extremely angry as I realized exactly why - they hand't expected me to be becoming an Immortal. I aimed quickly and squeezed - my arm jerked as the bullet hit it's target and sprayed Celeste's blood up the wall. She screamed and clutched her leg as the stain spread over the silk of her gown.

The banging on the door became more frenzied like a voodoo drum.

"I smell blood! Let me in!"

Her voice was chilling, hoarse and guttural.

The End

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