Getting Out Of That Cell

She sighed, again, and sat back down, on the floor this time. That hard little bench had made her derriere ache just slightly. There was just enough room to cross her legs as if she was meditating. That would be a good idea for distraction from the depression if, God forbid, she was ever down here again. 

She gave in and let herself remember a few details from the meeting. 

    She remembered the large square room, with its glossy mahogany table, around which the meeting members had convened. The Eternals all along the farthest side, except for the centaur, of course. He attended meetings through technology. In the centre of the table, a bank of slim line monitors allowed the whole table a view of Rowan Cain, from his residence at the centaur hide out. Nobody knew where it was, except for the other three Eternals. There had been rumours aplenty of castles, glass palaces to afford them a view of the stars wherever they went inside them. Nobody except the centaurs knew that. Nobody even knew how many centaurs there were in existence, because they all congregated there in secrecy. It was their destiny.

  Aside from that, there had been each of the Eternals’ personal assistants, and several other assistants who prepped the room. They hovered nervously in the corners, except one, the elf assistant, who had proudly seated herself alone on one side. There had been herself and Willow, obviously, and Phoenix. There was nobody else, so the table seemed quite empty. 

  The Eternals had begun to discuss the situation with Ruby. Nobody else was allowed to speak during this, and Meena had fidgeted uncomfortably desperate to join in or remark on their comments. When Elixa Carmel, the elf Eternal, had spoken of her protégée who had had the visions of Ruby’s future, the elf assistant had been failing to hide a smile. So that was her, then, she had thought. Meena had of course heard about her and her prophecies but had never actually met the girl. Well, elf. Elf girl. Then Mercury, her own Eternal, who had been trailing Ruby, had delivered the news  of her illness. At once herself and Willow had literally leapt from their seats shrieking various things, and been commanded to sit back down or leave. 

They had debated awhile longer about what was to be done concerning her and the threat with Tenebrus. Then they had reached the decision that it was best to let her die of her own accord than intervene. That way she eradicated her own threat herself. Of course this had caused outrage for them. 

She had gone to walk out of the room straight away when the Eternals had made it clear that there was no influencing their decision. Willow had led the way and knocked the assistant by the door unconscious when he moved to bar their way. When the second one followed his example, Meena had punched him down. But by then, the others had had time to get to them and they had been dragged, struggling and spitting expletives, to their rooms where they were forced to stay for the next two days. Obviously they had tried to escape again, but there had been guards posted outside. After her seventh attempt to lure them into her room on the pretence of needing help, and waiting for them behind the door raising a leg ripped from a chair , she had been pulled down here. Well, that wasn’t actually how it had happened since she had magic at hand, but it was quite fun to imagine. Willow had been taken too for trying to knock out another Immortal. Too bad she hadn’t got him first.

 Anyway, now she was here. She had no information about Ruby so she couldn’t know how soon she would die without knowing the doctor’s prognosis. She cussed loudly, knowing that nobody could hear. She would go insane surely if she spent a night in here. Though she might be doing that already. There was no way to tell in here. 

Then without any warning sound the door was pulled open outwards and light flooded her lonely little prison cell.

The End

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