I Don't Need Protecting

“Are you leaving now?” Meena asked, leaping to her feet. Willow got up at the normal speed. I had never really noticed that some of their movements were unnaturally quick. Inhumanly fast… well, now I was in on their secret, it didn’t really surprise me. 

“Yes,” I sighed, letting my hand drop. The throbbing in my head had increased in a few short minutes, sapping the strength from my limbs and making me feel oddly weak. “I just want to go home, take some paracetamol and have a hot shower, if you don’t mind.”

Willow’s forehead creased in concern. “I’ll be outside your house tonight, if it makes you feel better about Tenebrus.”

I rolled my  eyes, and then stopped because the action sent a pain stabbing  at the backs of my eyes. I winced slightly and I wasn’t sure if they had noticed.

“You know that’s not the problem. Right now I have a killer  headache and I just want to go to bed as soon as possible.”

“’Kay,” Meena agreed anxiously. “Willow will walk you to the end of your road - I have to go and talk to Mercury as soon as I can.”

“Um… Mercury?” I asked, pausing to look back; I had already started  walking. 

“Oh - he is the representative of shape  shifters,” she said, she gave a quick smile replaced by a grimace as she turned away and strode into the trees.

“Oh,” I murmured a bit too late, and continued walking. I could sense but not hear Willow walking two paces behind me, just far enough back that I couldn’t see her in my peripheral vision. It was slightly annoying if I was being honest, but I didn’t have the heart or  the energy to turn round and tell her to either hurry up or go away, which was what I felt like doing. She was completely silent until we reached the top of  the  street where my house was situated. She appeared at my side and said, “I’ll be outside tonight anyway.”

“You don’t have to.”

I waved limply and drifted down the street to my house. 

The End

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