Before they could say a word I had hared out of the door, leaving it swinging in my wake. I remembered the way now, as I hurried down the pavement, my footsteps ringing horribly loudly. The immediate area was deserted, the only cars halting at an intersection further up.

There was a sense of déjà vu as I passed a wide cobbled alley and finally made it to the gallery. The lights were still on, making the street in front glow. The pale interior was blindingly bright in comparison to the darkness outside.  I grabbed the door handle and pushed it open, following a humming noise to the gift shop room. 

Amber wasn’t there anymore, but my mother was, humming to an unknown tune and storing the emptied cardboard boxes in the back room. She saw me and gasped.

“Oh, sorry, Ruby! I forgot, I didn’t realise it was so late, but we got a new delivery, look!”

She pointed proudly at a set of beautifully framed looking glasses, hanging off the wall. They ranged from hand-mirror size to a full length one like the one in the ‘Treasures’ shop. In fact, I could have sworn they were almost identical; their frames were the same dark carved wood at least if the patterns weren‘t the same. 

“Who gave you that?” I asked suspiciously, pointing to the mirror.

“They’re a collection,” my mother said happily, grabbing her black overlarge handbag from under the counter. “Left anonymously at the back door with a form passing possession to the gallery, for sale as the owner sees fit.”

“So you’re going to sell them?”

“They’ll fetch a lot, they could be antiques,” she replied more seriously as we walked out. I flipped off the lights before I left the room, and in the corner of my eye I thought I saw a flash of bright silver.

The End

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