First Sighting

In the alley,  Mercury Penchant seemed to pull himself from the wall. He studied the body of the dead informer with a grim expression, worst suspicions confirmed. The young girl appeared beside him suddenly and quietly. 

“Rosewood will dispose of this,“ she whispered to him. In the moonlight her brown hair seemed to shimmer. She darted forward and retrieved an object from the corpse’s cold hands and offered it to the elder man. His short cut silver hair shone brightly in the moon’s milky luminescence. 

He studied the small gold box and sighed heavily, tucking it away inside the long grey overcoat he was wearing. The girl did not speak, merely gave him an anxious inquisitive look, and he nodded. His gravelly  voice was low and rough. 

“It has begun.”

With those three words, the atmosphere seemed to change. There was a tension in  the air, a thrill of anticipation and fear. 

“Witnesses?” he said, his voice as sharp as a knife edge. The girl at his side observed the body with a detached interest as she answered.

“The girl. Her memory will have been taken care of before now, and not by us.”

She looked up at the sky and rooftops and the older man followed her sweeping gaze.

“She will be important in  the grand scheme of things. I can feel it.”

He didn’t acknowledge her words, still scanning the landscape as if looking for something she had missed.

“Long gone.“

With that, the pair seemed to vanish. In the street,  a bat swooped over a streetlamp and momentarily blocked the light. The shadow was indeed long gone, but the girl still lay as the cold seeped into her bones.

The End

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