Breaking Point

Born a freak in Yoshi society, one Yoshi is abandoned in the wilderness. There he turns to the dark side of the Mushroom Kingdom for salvation, eventually becoming a huge asset to the Koopa King.

In case you haven't yet figured it out, this is a Mario fanfiction. However it will be from the point of view of a mutant Yoshi as he joins the ranks of the Koopa Troop. This has adult concepts such as abuse (you will know what I mean) but other than that it is clean. This might not end the same way as the games. It is a pro-Bowser story and everything so expect a "bad" ending where the "heroes" fall. I hope that some people will read this as I have worked hard on it. I do not own the Mario Characters or anything related to Mario. If you think I do, get that delusion out of your head. 

Part One: Joining

Chapter One: A Horrible Childhood 

It was a beautiful day in the Mushroom Kingdom. The sun was out and everything was just dandy. Bowser had not attempted to kidnap Peach for the umpteenth time and for awhile peace had come to the Kingdom.

Not everything though was happy. A young Yoshi couple was currently in a dilemma of their own. The young couple had just given birth to another egg and they were in a dilemma as to what to call it. They were constantly arguing over the perfect name and their voices had gotten particularly loud. Several Koopas passing nearby on rounds from Bowser had the unfortunate task of eavesdropping on the entire conversation.

"Oh just ignore them dude, Bowser doesn't care about the petty troubles of Yoshis. We should just move on and pretend this never happened."

They hurried off lest they get hooked into the argument. The Yoshi's meanwhile had been arguing for quite some time and neither of them wanted to break off the argument. "Well I say if it is a boy, we shall call him Marvin." This caused an out roar from the future father's side of the conversation. "Marvin? You want to call it Marvin? Are you trying to get him beat up and teased on a daily basis?

"I think it is a smart name for a smart creature. The Yoshi community is suffering as of late with not enough support to Mario. We are a dying breed and Mario needs all the support he can for the eventual victory against Bowser. That blasted Koopa has been terrorizing everyone for heaven knows how long and we need to strike that foul beast when he is not expecting it."

The other shook his head sadly, but did not argue. He did not want any son or daughter of his, to lead the fight against the Evil King. Surprisingly, the egg next to them began to rock violently from side to side. "Is it that time already? I didn't think it would hatch already." They scrambled around a bit getting last minute things ready. They had to make sure that the hatchling would be greeted to the happy faces of its parents.

The egg seemed to take forever in the hatching process. It jumped and wiggled and basically rocked trying to break free from the confinement it was in. "It is having some trouble, honey do something." But what could this Yoshi do? It was best to just stand back and let the Yoshi inside try to free itself. It was good practice for later in life.

For a good half hour, the egg struggled and struggled trying desperately to break free. This caused the Yoshi couple a small deal of worry. Slow hatching in the Yoshi community meant a slow existence. Finally after what seemed forever, one part of the egg cracked apart. The wife screamed softly having not expected anything to happen.

Soon one crack turned into many and finally the shell exploded. Dead silence followed the youngster's arrival into the world. "Darling what is that?" More silence greeted these words. Yoshis, it was common knowledge to all came in very pretty colors that were pleasing to the eye.

This wasn't the case for this Yoshi. A solid grey with some turquoise spots dotted here and there. Some horns grew on the forehead. Was this a Yoshi? Did Yoshi's have horns? Oh this was not good at all.

After an awkward silence that refused to be broken, the small hatchling Yoshi stared up at his parents, wondering what it had done wrong. Finally, not wanting to appear rude, the father spoke, "Welcome to the world youngster." No name came to mind as none of them would have fit this monstrosity. It was a horrible thought, but no Yoshi had ever been born with horns or an ugly color.

No one seemed to want to move or speak to the newly hatched Yoshi, if it could even be considered a Yoshi that was. No name came to mind, no friendly words arose and escaped the mouth of the parents, and nothing seemed to be acceptable for the occasion. The only thing that the parents were sure of was the gender of the Yoshi. If a freak did come up, it was always male. No female Yoshi was ever born wrong.

This caused the youngster some stress as to what his parents were thinking of. What did he do to cause the angry looks on their faces? Was it something to do with him? He tried to say something, but having just hatched, he did not have the capabilities of speech. Tears wanted to escape from his eye ridges, but he instinctively knew that was a bad thing. He only hoped that it would get better from here on out.

For the next few years, the awkward hatching of the "mutant" Yoshi did not improve. His parents never gave him a name seeing as nothing ever came up. It was terrible to behold. As he slowly grew up, his horns changed colors. One was red and the other green. Such a thing was a mysterious thing to behold and his parents did not want to take him somewhere to get them removed seeing as how they didn't want to become the laughing stock of the entire Mushroom Kingdom.

Now the nameless Yoshi was in human terms the equivalent of 7 years old. No one had taught him to speak and was therefore left alone to try to teach himself. It was a poor job but something interested came up in the self-taught method of learning to speak.

He was able to directly learn anything that he had overheard just by hearing it at some point in his life. He had a terrific memory for one so young. He spent countless hours on his own and learned some things about his mysterious infliction. Normal Yoshis did not have ugly colors and didn't have horns. He had overheard his parents when they thought he was sleeping say this very thing.

So even his own parents did not want him, he had overheard a lot of these conversations this exact same way. But he couldn't just up and leave seeing as how he didn't have to survival skills to live on his own.

One lesson did get drilled into his head, was that Bowser was a menace to the Mushroom Kingdom and that freak or not (this word wasn't actually used, he just filled in the blanks) he had to overthrow the menace to the Mushroom Kingdom.

He wasn't allowed out of the house because of obvious reasons (to his parents anyway) and he had to contend to staring out of the window and getting sunshine through the window. Soon his parents couldn't deny the education system that all Yoshi's went through at some point in their lives. They had put it off for a long time but finally they had been receiving some letters saying that school was coming up and all Yoshis had to go.

This was not good. He would be eaten alive, probably killed, though a freak against nature and not a normal Yoshi by any means, his parents held some kind of love for him. How to quietly get rid of him with as little embarrassment as possible had come up many times. The nameless Yoshi had not heard these conversations and it was perhaps better for all concerned that he hadn't.

"Come on son, let's go for a ride." The father with a rather pointed look from his wife nodded to her that said that it was time. They couldn't do much for him but they could prevent the world from knowing that they had a mutant for a son.

Instantly the Yoshi was excited and wondered in his mind where his father would take him. He was excited to finally exit the cramped house and see the excitement of the world. He raced up to his father and projected a sense of eagerness. He was going out and viewing the world he lived in.

His father helped his son onto his back (for it was a long journey and he was light enough for it to be done) and once he was ready and safely on his father's back, the two ventured off. The bundle of energy waved goodbye to his mother, not knowing that it would be the last time he would see her.

The sunlight felt good on his young body and he thrived on the blissful warmth. They walked on private paths not near civilization and soon the Yoshi settled down on and waited to see where his father would take him. Soon the two came to a stop and his son perked up.

He couldn't ask what they were doing there, but he didn't have to, his father knew. "Son, you see that tree with the colorful balls of fruit? Well it is every Yoshi's dream fruit. I want you to round up as many as you can and bring them back here." Instantly the ball of energy that is every Yoshi youngster's trade mark appeared and he was off.

He had such a good time picking the fruit. He couldn't help but sample most of it. He hoped his father would understand. This fruit was so good! It was heaven in a delicious bite of goodness. He was ecstatic and he was paralyzed with how much pleasure he got from eating the fruit.

Such a thing had to have a bad taste somewhere. He played for hours, not once did the thought of keeping his father waiting pop into his head. He played the terrorizing monster in a city made up of the fruit and he would eat the citizens. Oh it was great fun! Soon though he grew bored of eating the good citizens of Fruit Dale, and he wanted his father to take him home.

His young child mind had provided him a way to escape from being locked in the house, but he was tired and wanted to sleep in his soft bed. He rounded up the fruit that he didn't eat and marched confidently to where his father was. He walked back to the exact spot where he had said goodbye. He stopped wondering what had made him halt.

He looked around expecting his father to be hiding. Nothing whatsoever came into his sight. Just where was everybody? He whined a little but stopped after awhile seeing as how big boys do not cry. The fruit fell from his grip and he left them there. His father couldn't have up and left him could he? The mutant Yoshi started to search everywhere. Every bush was upturned, ever tree was looked into and around, he even dug a small hole in the unlikely event that his father was hiding underground, but no Yoshi ever came into view.

Now was when he panicked; what if he got tired of waiting and went home hoping that his son would find his own way home. He started off a short ways, fruit long forgotten, in the hopes that his father would reveal himself. No one popped up.

The youngster began to cry sniffling and attempted to stifle his small sobs, but it was hard. After awhile, he turned around from the path that he was on, and made his way back to where he had dropped the fruit. He wandered for a long time and after a short while; he concluded that some small animal must have had a snack of his delicious fruit.

Now he was afraid, utterly and truly alone and with no hope of finding his way back to his home. He ran for several miles and nothing new came to his field of vision.

He was lost, alone and he was a freak. Not a good combination to have when in a forest. His feet soon began to ache and he had to admit that he was going to die, alone in miserable in the wilderness. He found a tree that didn't look occupied and sat down under it.

He decided that he was tired and after a quick prayer that he wouldn't suffer, began to close his eyes. He didn't even get a chance to fall asleep as a voice spoke. It didn't sound like his dad, but he figured he would get a better look if he opened his eyes.

Standing before him was a strange creature. He had heard of Koopas of course, but never seen one before. The figure was a very unusual color for the Koopa race. It had a red shell and had a small bandana also red circling its forehead.

"I have never seen you before. Why are you here in this forest without a family?" The Yoshi couldn't speak, having never been taught basic communication skills. He shrunk deeper into his shelter, wishing that whoever this was would go away and leave him to die.

"Are you a Yoshi, I have never seen one with horns before, let alone one with different colors. That is so cool!" That was not the word he expected to hear. He raised his head and stared at this mysterious visitor.

The red shelled Koopa sat down next to the shivering youngster. "I know what it's like to be considered a freak. Oh I mean no offense to you, I just know. Normal Koopa shells are a dull brown not a bright red like this. I know it isn't like what you are probably going through but I know. My brothers are all differently colored Koopas. We are named Red, that's me, Black, Yellow and Green. We are all followers of Bowser."

Well this was a shock, but the way his life was going, he didn't care at this point. He wished he could talk so he can ask questions. The Red Koopa that had talked to him seemed to settle for talking to him. He either shook or nodded his head when asked a question.

"It is very cold outside tonight, and I sure as hell don't want anyone to freeze out here. My brothers are waiting for me further on ahead for we split up. Why don't you come with us, Bowser may seem like a mean and nasty guy and we call him various names reflecting that, but he did take us in and give us a home so he isn't all that bad."

Red got up and turned giving his hand to the shivering youngster. What did he have to lose by going with this Koopa who worked for Bowser? He had been shown kindness that seemed genuine for the first time in his existence. He took the proffered hand and together they walked toward the rendezvous point that had been set up.

All throughout the walk, he wondered how the others would take him. Would they be as nice as Red had seemed? What about Bowser? He had a reputation of being quite ruthless in his constant kidnapping and goal of taking over the Mushroom Kingdom. After a short while, figures seemed to materialize out of the distance.

These must be the other members of the Koopa Bros. They turned when Red announced that he had found someone and instantly they were surrounded. "Whoa, is that a Yoshi? Does he have horns? Oh my aching koopas that is so cool!" This was said by the green shelled one. They asked him questions but soon realized that he couldn't speak yet. Instead of deterring them, this outraged them but not against him.

"What kind of jerk neglects to teach their own son how to speak. Sure you look weird but whatever happened to that saying, it's on the inside that counts?" The youngster thrived on the attention for he received none his whole life.

"Lord Bowser will be very interested in you. I can't allow anything save Mario or anyone else to die out here. You are coming with us. Do you have a name?"

The youngster shook his head and this led the bros off on another tangent. Red was by his side and as the others began walking off; he hung back to talk to talk to the newcomer. Just how would Bowser receive him? Would Bowser throw him out for being different? Why did his parents just up and leave him in the wilderness? He had no name, no hope at a normal life and really it was up to this Koopa King as to what should happen. As his newfound friends led him in the direction of wherever Bowser made his lair, he wondered just where his life would take him.

The End

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