Breaking HumanMature

The thing about being Human is that we are all living breathing nightmares. There is a cycle, one that Humans thought could never be broken "You're born, you live,  and you die," that was it, end of story. You couldn't possibly break the cycle. Scientist even proved it. Well, they at least tried. I never understood the point in living if all you do in the end is die.

I felt the warmth of the sun on my damp, pale skin, I studied my surroundings closely. I was in Redstone forest. I only remember this place because of the large rock placed in the center of the woods with some sort of symbol that was carved into the rock. 

I had felt a quick sharp pain rush itself though my body. I had glanced down at my naked self. I had seen my body was covered in my own blood. I had stared at the cuts and bruises that filled my body. I traced the outline of a claw mark left on my side. Someone, or something had done this. It wasn't a mistake.

I sat up, hugging my bruised knees tightly. Every little noise I heard, every little movement I saw made me feel sick. My heart began to race, and my lungs felt like they would burst at any given point. I screamed for help, I yelled for about close to three minutes before everything went completely black. I felt nothing, no pain, no noise. Nothing. Just complete silence.

I wanted to wake up, but I just couldn't. I felt like I had been falling down some black hole and I simply just kept falling. I couldn't stop. I had no control.
 My eyes slowly fluttered when I had awoke. I took a deep breath inhaling the air, almost choking due to the feeling of not breathing. I looked down at the white blanket cover. This sure wasn't my mothers house. She hated white. My head quickly turned toward the door as I heard foot steps from outside the room, they seemed to be approaching closer and closer to the door. My breathing became uneven, and my stomach grew tight. The door opened very slowly, creeking as it opened. Behind the door was a man. Tall and very mysterious, yet very basic looking. He appeared to be wearing a green T-shirt and fated blue jeans. His hair was a mess, but with those crystal blue eyes, he could probably get any girl he wanted in a town much like this.

"My name is Devlin Rubel" His said his jaw tightening as he spoke. " You are here because the 'others' had found you before we could, thought I  would tell you before you asked," He said, his voice as smooth as caramel. 

" The others?" I said staring at Devlin.

The End

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