We stood staring. He came forward slowly and put his one hand on my back pulling me forward and the other one was tracing along from my forehead to the lips . then his hand slid to my neck and kissed me . Just like old times. And it was in this one moment my past life with him came surging forward. Memories came forward from all corners of my mind like a dam just broke. And the water was forcing and taking over, drowning everything on its way. All resistances crashed down, the past one year I spend mourning meant nothing anymore, all that meant was this,

So before I say that we lived happily ever after. Let’s go back to when we met. I was in my first year. He was in second. It was a Friday. And I was walking from the hostel to the college building to discuss my physics paper with the professor, the day was beautiful and I tool my time getting there. Apparently the paper wasn’t that good. I obviously preferred a lovely walk through the pines with brown gold leaves strewn on my path like roses welcoming a princess.

I got there eventually and entered the room . he was there, discussing something passionately. He has a deep voice. I said, “Excuse me “. He turned towards me. His eyes showed he was irritated but the crinkles smoothened, his eyes relaxed. And those eyes, jet black, as deep as the black hole and were pulling me like a whirlpool. I was transfixed. Nothing else mattered.

Professor cleared his throat. And we almost jumped. I came forward and Mr. hord told me to take a seat. To this boy he said, “We’ll talk later”. So he left. Who was he? Is the only question on my mind right then. And I asked Mr. Hord. He said, this was josh turner. My best student. A sophomore.”

The next twenty minutes he lectured me about not doing well and redoing and then he said that I should take help from josh. Wow! I had a cool teacher. It was like he was leading me on. I thanked him and left.

He was there outside the building. his face lit up when he saw me. I believe I had a similar reaction. He came forward and said,” I knew you would come out at some point of time.” And placed his hand on my back and then with the other traced his finger from my forehead to my lips and then at my nape.

And he kissed me. I melted into him. for those moments, those moments of eternity it didn’t matter that he didn’t know my name, we just existed. He pulled back slightly breathless. And he looked into my eyes I could lose myself there and find the real me. His soul was looking at my naked soul, my surrender was complete.

He said,” I was josh turner”. “I am Annabel Daughtry” Mr. Hord told me to take help from me for writing my paper.

My god! Did I just say that? I was a dork. He laughed out loud and he kissed me again. Solely, now like he was the one in control and completely aware of my surrender.

He pulled back now an took my hand in his and we started walking towards those woods. I didn’t know where we were going but it was to the left towards the river which was really deep into the woods.

After walking for almost half an hour we stopped he told me to look up. There was a tree house there. He went towards he ladder and climbed on expecting me to follow. I would have followed this man to the end of the world. When we were inside I could see the river from a window. It was the most peaceful moment of my life. He said,” I said come here to think and be alone.” His voice startled me because all this time we had walked in silence, looking at the trees and stealing a glance at each other.

We were holding hands when I turned towards him and saw his face. A really strong and defined jaw, long lips, a straight nose and a round forehead, and thick black hair. The eyes studying me while I was observing him. And then our eyes found each other as id we found each other in a crowd that had kept us apart. He took my hands and brought them to his lips and said, “ I have waited all my life for you.” I could see in his eyes the effort it took him to reveal his true feelings and the love and honesty that made him say this. The circle was complete. His surrender was complete. I don’t know how long we stood like that because when we finally noticed the sky was turning violet. We decided to spend the night here. We talked all night catching up on each other’s lives , everything that we missed because we hadn’t met earlier. He was the only child of his parents who lived in Delhi now. When he was a child his family traveled a lot because of his parents work. His mom was a photographer and dad a writer. But he was never inclined to do either as a profession though he loved both the things, just as much he loved physics. He decided to study physics when he was sixteen because that is the only thing which helps to measure, and define everything. He wanted a defined life unlike the one he had been living so far. There were times when his mother had to go abroad for shooting and then for months the house would be in disarray. At times, his father simply took off because he needed to be alone to write. And then most of the times, his parents simply got bored of a place and decided to go and live in another city. He has lived in Africa, India, autralia and god knows where. So he decided to get away from his parents and come to US. He wanted a life of his own, where he has a say, which he builds and wouldn’t have to submit t o his parents’ incontinuity.


The End

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