breaking free

this is the story of anna and josh who meet in college and fall in love. josh is a genius in physics and makes a discovery about the universe but his professor steals it from him and josh just goes away and anna finds him years two years later while escaping herself.


The morning had been so warm and sunny …and the night …u can never tell about the weather...a hard freezing wind was blowing and the rain was just pouring. I am anna,21, and right in the middle of nowhere and this was my road trip after college all alone. I wanted to travel alone because i wanted to experience the world, meet new people. my friends …my family...even my bf …everybody was so boring !!! stuck to the routines and trying absolutely nothing new. i needed change. so i checked out how much money i have in the bank from working during my college....rented a car …packed my bag and left without informing anyone. the only information was a letter addressed to everyone that I’ll be back within a month and have gone to gain a perspective on my life. I wanted to figure out what i wanted from my life.
but let that all be coz right now i was stuck in a rain storm and the hood of the car was down. According to the GPS there was a town about 5 km away and that was where i was headed for the night.
i got there all soaked up and looked around for a hotel to live in at night. The town was a small one. not many houses …a church on the way…
i parked my car and went inside with all the baggage...I was a bar more of a tavern in the olden times… and people were so not discreet...they all stared at me… and I went to the owner and got myself a room.
i dried myself and changed my clothes and got into bed....god i was tired!! and i slept off…
when i got up it was 10 already and it beautiful outside.... and changed and went down to the bar to get some food. no one was around …all chairs turned upside down and kept on the tables. so i rang the bell...and he came out....
i got the shock of my life...josh !! here ?? so this is where he came after dropping out of college!! and all those feelings came surging forward...he stood there …stopped in his tracks. And we stared at each other for a really long time..everything seems to stretch out when i am with him.

The End

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