Chapter One: Laurence is stingy

A bright light blinded me, as I opened my eyes. " Jeez, can someone close the window?" A flurry of movement, and then the curtain was yanked shut. I stood up, and stretched, and watched as Gretchen my PA made my bed.   " Gretchen," I sighed, " How many times do I have to tell you? I can make my own bed, clean my own room, and do my own makeup!" I brushed past her, and slammed the door loudly. Guilt pooled in my stomach, as I thought about what I had done. Sighing dejectedly, I turned on the tap. I tapped my fingers absentmindedly, as the water filled my ginormous jacuzzi. When the water was deep enough, I turned off the tap and sunk into the water. The sweet scent of rosemary and lavender overwhelmed my senses. I breathed in deeply, feeling the stress slip away. If only I could stay in here forever…    When the water turned cold, I stepped out. I pulled out the plug, wrapped my towel snugly around me, and plodded carefully to my walk-in closet. My closet was more like a mall, than a closet. I pulled on some skinny jeans, a purple crop top, and knee high boots. Throwing my hair in a ponytail, I mumbled something of an apology to Gretchen. I ran down the steps, hopped around the massive kitchen, sprinted to the patio sliding door, and skidded to a stop in front of my parents.    " Madeline, darling," My mother said, " Won't you join us for afternoon tea?" I sat down quietly, next to my dad.   " Of course, Mother. Mother, do you know when Lawrence is coming over." My mother took a sip of her tea, then said, " He is coming in about forty minutes." I excused myself, blew a kiss to my parents, Then dashed to my room. I brought out four different outfits. The first one was a blue plaid button down, with stone washed jeans, and skin tight cowboy boots. The second one was a knitted black sweater, blue skinny jeans, and red high tops. The third one was a yellow sundress, with white flats. I narrowed it down to the second outfit, and the thrid outfit. 

The End

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