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     There we were chatting from child hoods, to bitchy parents, and we acted as if we had known each other all our lives. He came from a sporty family:

" My family doesn't give me a say in anything I do" as he began his story, " They were always forcing me into school sports, making sure I got good grades and ever since 5th grade when I realized what was happening I have dreamed of this day, the day I am free to go where I wish."

And me sharing some information that I never have to anybody else:
"I have to do everything my parents say only because I could never imagine disobeying them. I have never gone to a public school, I am always stuck at home, and I have never be able to get to know anything of the world outside from my home. My father was somewhat abusive when I was a child but I thought that was how it was for everybody, and my mother always agreed with my father so I was never able to get a say in anything and nobody saw my side of the story.

"Life is a bitch"  was all he had to say and I was able to agree with him. He turned and looked at me and I looked back and we both broke out into big grins and chuckles.

The night times time was almost up and the sun was barley noticeable on the horizon, just slightly letting the world see its bright glare.

The End

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