Breaking Down BarriersMature

a girl getting away from home wanting to fit in with the rest of the world.

     Walking underneath the starlit sky was beautiful, out here in the country you always get to see the shiney dots and I would never be able to imagine a world without them. They are the only thing that can calm my fiery temper. I continue to walk but am unsure as to where I am going, since I turned 18 you would think the whole world was mine, I can do whatever I want, nobody to stop me. But that isn't how it is. I was trapped in this wasteland abyss I called home, my parents to cheap to pay my way to college but well knowing they have enough money, and me unable to get a job in this deserted place I have called home. Working day in and day out on my fathers hopeless little farm has made me crazy, not litteraly. This is why I am walking, walking away from my problems and my life that had no true begining, to become somthing, and not a forgotten soul. Wherever this road takes me I dont care, anywhere is better then here.

     People tell me to face my problems when they cant even face them their self and I am not even going to bother to show that I want to face this fucked up life that I had been written out before I was born. Have you ever had the feeling that matter how hard you tried nothing good would come of living threw this hell? Well that is how it is for me, no escaping my destiny. So here I continue to walk down this dusty dirt road and on the first oncoming car I hold out my thumb into the yellow light emitting from the headlights. The car comes to a stop next to me and a young looking brown haired man inside reals down the dirt covered window and asks,
"Where you heading?" I just smile and reply,
"A way to escape this place" he returns the smile saying,
"So am I."
I take his sudden conversation as an inventation to get in. I open the rusty Chevy Pickup door and sit in the passengers seat, putting my bag on the floor next to my feet.
"Hi, I'm Chris" the man introduces and I take it he wants me to introduce myself too.
"I'm Hannah" I take his hand and shake it wondering how this became a greeting sign.
"Hannah Banana" Chris murmers to himself.
"No." I say and he automatically understands that that is somthing I am not going to tolerate being called. We sit in silence for a moment but not an akward one just a thinking pause. He starts to drive and I see the only familiar world I knew getting smaller and smaller behind us. He breaks the ice likeness of the silence and says,
"You dont look familiar do you live here?" Me knowing he's just trying to find a way to strike up conversation.
"I've been home schooled my whole life so you probably wont reconize me. So are you running away from home too or are you just heading off to college like everyone else?" I question not even bothering to be polite.
"Actually I didnt do good enough in school and my parents are pissed over it so I have decided not to put up with their bull shit anymore"
"Thats the same with me I'm tired of being nagged" I mutter not wanting to except the truth.

     Sitting in the car driving away was the most relief ever. Although I was also scared, I was unsure how my parents were going to take my window open and the goodbye letter I had written but there was nothing they could do the chains that kept me there were broken when November sixth came and I turned eighteen .The darkness outside was starting to get to me and I felt myself getting drouzy I tell myself I'm only going to sleep for a little but end up drifting into a deep sleep that I had never expirenced in my life. This sleep was the type of rest that I could wake up from knowing I was free from the very thing that had enclosed me from the rest of the world, my parents.

The End

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