This was a writing exercise of revealing information through other characters. My piece focused on a husband and wife, where the wife planned on leaving him which is revealed through dream. Originally written in first person.

           Randy walked into the kitchen bathed in warm hues of the morning sun. It her usual place sat the little breakfast nook is his wife, Sarah, auburn hair pulled back into a pony tail, a coffee mug steaming in her pallid hands, and a vacant look on her face as she stares at the kitty-cat clock. He doesn’t ask what’s wrong. She got like his whenever she sleeps poorly.

           Whistling, Randy got to work making breakfast. Crispy maple bacon, fluffy yellow eggs, and gold toast drowning in blackberry jam. Half way through cooking, the chair Sarah was in scraped on the titles and soon her arms were around him. Randy could feel the warmth of her cheek pressed against his back and smiled.

           “Didn’t sleep well, buttercup” He asked, flipping the bacon.

           “Yeah.” Her voice is flat. “Had nightmares again.”

           Randy turned around and pulled her into a hug, stroking her hair. “Tell me, dove.”

           There was nothing but silence for a while until she pulled away, tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Chewing on her lip, she doesn’t look up at Randy as she begins.

           “I was a bird again. Soaring free and high until suddenly a net falls on me. I try fanatically to get out, but I’m plunging fast to the ground. And there I stay, trapped and flailing for what feels like eons.”

           Randy listened carefully even though he had heard this all before. She had had this dream every night since they had first met. She always told it like this, not looking at him, staring at the ground. But this time she looks up and smiles.

           “The dream ends differently. Someone sets me free.” And she sauntered off into another room, grabbing her coffee before she did.

           That was the last Randy ever saw of her.

The End

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