(stage is set with a door dividing it in half, which is open. On one side is a bathroom, toilet, sink and a cabinet for medical things. On the other is Alice's bedroom, a simple bed, and a desk which has a phone sitting on it, MARY and ALICE are sitting on the bed across from each other talking)

(cell phone rings, MARY picks it up and speaks with decreasing volume until she speaks silently)

(phone rings, ALICE stands up and picks it up)

ALICE: hello? 

(silence as ALICE listens on the phone growing more and more visibly upset and sliding down dresser to the floor)

ALICE: (shakily) ok.... alright... no, i'm ok... alright...........bye

(curls up and buries face in hands)

MARY: Whats wrong? Who was it?  (gets up off bed and sits beside ALICE)

ALICE: (still shakily) my friend Daniel, he's tried to kill himself (starts to cry and curls up) 

MARY: (stuttering) is he ok? 

ALICE: (very shakily) he's in the hospital, under observation 

MARY: i'm so sorry, he'll be ok, don't worry

ALICE: I hope so

(the two are silent for a moment, MARY hugs ALICE)

ALICE: could you...could you give me a second? 

MARY: ok

(ALICE gets up very shakily, MARY guides her)

ALICE: Be right back (walks into bathroom and closes door behind her, glancing back to it before walking quickly to the cabinet and opening it before removing a bottle of pills) 

ALICE: (stage whisper) just do it, it'll end everything, no more pain, no more pressure, it'll just go away, you can end it all and just go to sleep. No more taunting, no more fear no more pain.

(turns bottle over in hands, the sound of the pills is audible) 

MARY: everything ok Alice? 

ALICE: (forced calm) ya, just a sec

(places bottle on counter carefully and goes and wipes her face of tears)

ALICE: (stage whisper to mirror) It's over now, all the pain will go away (reaches for bottle and picks it up it makes sound again) 

MARY: (slightly anxiously) Alice? Whats that sound? 

(ALICE doesn't reply and starts to fumble with lid of bottle)

MARY: (more anxious) Alice? 

(ALICE doesn't respond but hesitates on the lid before continuing to fumble with it, the bottle making noise)

MARY: (still more anxious) Alice? What's that sound? 

(ALICE doesn't respond and pries lid off)

(MARY stands up and walks quickly to the door and opens it a little bit, ALICE doesn't notice)

ALICE: (stage whisper) Almost through

(MARY opens the door and ALICE snaps the lid back on the bottle and hastily puts it in her sweater pocket)

MARY: Alice? 

(ALICE stands frozen with one hand in pocket holding the bottle)

MARY: Alice what's in your pocket? (takes a step into the bathroom) 

ALICE: (very shakily) n..nothing

MARY: (takes another step into the bathroom and speaks gently) come on, what's in your pocket? 

ALICE: (takes a step toward MARY who closes the space and hugs her) i'm sorry

MARY: it's ok, it's ok

ALICE: (takes hand out of pocket and wraps arms around MARY, starting to cry) i'm so sorry

MARY: it's ok, it's ok

ALICE: (still crying) promise? 

(MARY stays silent)

ALICE: ( little bit louder) promise? 

(MARY stays silent)

ALICE: promise? 

(MARY stays silent)

ALICE: I'm so sorry

MARY: (hugs ALICE tighter and speaks quietly) it's ok

(the two girls stand hugging silently, the only sound is the occasional slight sound of the pill bottle when one girl moves)

(ALICE lets out a choked sort of sob)

MARY: let it out, let it out

(ALICE starts to cry somewhat hysterically, while MARY hugs her tight and and repeats that it's going to be ok)

ALICE: (very shakily, still crying somewhat) you know what's in the pocket don't you

MARY: (nods) I saw

(ALICE takes out the bottle and hands it to MARY, who stares at it for a moment before putting it in her own pocket and hugging ALICE again)

The End

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