The grey middle-England skies drifted serenly above, without care or concern for the ineffectual actions of the tiny creatures cowering in their homes from the sky's coming rains.

Dust scattered around atop a crumbled brick wall, pockmarked with thousands of tiny cracks and holes, dashing and darting in eddies of wind picking up and releasing the tiny grains. In every one of them a story and every one of them a witness to the events unfolding.

Down the shadow-caged alley strode Ted, for he wished not to be exposed to the inhabitants of his current locale for too long a time. Never had the words and fears assosciated with "Kebab Shop Stabbings" rung more true with him.

Glancing all around, eyes rushing through the images tunnelling into his skull, the alley encroached upon him, frightening his sense of freedom and as the air changed its speed, gusting through the narrowed space, it carried with it hushed whispers and muted laughter.

Ted slowed his pace to match his almost absent heartbeat and stood utterly still where he was, afraid to move backward or forward. Peering around through slitted eyes, still without a noise, his eyes landed upon a thin tail creeping out from the corner of a derelict house. Shuffling his feet but a quarter of an inch, he became awash with a warming relief as he spied the tiny face of an equally miniscule mouse, staring up at Ted with eyes widened.

Ted allowed himself to breathe again, and pickeing up his battered and broken confidence from the cold, abrasive ground, he caught a brief glimpse in a green shard of broken glass which turned his blood to ice and stopped his heart once more. This shortlasted horror was immediately replaced by a dull thud, a flickering of light and a calming swirling of pink and blue and green.

The End

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