Break up angstMature

Just the first draft off the top of my head
not my best work by far.

We regurgitate all of the painful thoughts

hurting just as bad cutting their way up through our throat

in our mouths & off the tip of our tongue

as they did when we forced them into the depths our our angst

we never wanted to end like this

My appoligy is like a lump in my throat

stuck between a rock in a hard place

i cant seem to do anything but yell at you

tell you everything you ever did wrong

but i seem to forget my mistakes

only paved the road to yours

i see all this now

the way our eyes longed to stop the madness

but our mouths would not give up 

ill admit it was a good fight

head to head

back & fourth for 3 fucking years

now i find my self wondering what for

i cant remember one reason for our tears

1 reason for all the pain we inflicted upon each other

it was like murder in cold blood 

as we slaughtered something so beautiful

now its just a faded memory 

in the abyss of failed relationships

But im neck deep in that water

salveging every peice of what use to be

hopeing that one day ill find enough of that beautiful

to show you the good again

The End

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