Break The SilenceMature

her name is Vanya
his name is Adam
one classroom
one look
the silence has to be broken

she sat in the back of the car, the volume turned up as high as it would go. she clamped her eyes shut and wished for something better. she opened her eyes carefully.
damn. nothing.
she sighed and changed the song. she laid her head back and tried very hard to not scream. she felt her mother's arm on her knee. and paused the music and glanced over.

"Vanya, would you stop looking like this is you death sentence? it'll be fine, just relax, it's not the end of the world" her mother tapped her knee and then retreated. Vanya didn't say anything. 
 they pulled into the packed parking lot, and Vanyas mood changed. she went from being pissed off, to uncontrollably scared. she quickly searched through her artists on her ipod as her mom got out of the car. She was frantic to find her favorite band before she was forced to leave the confines of the car. with great relief she found them and blasted the one song that summed up her life in that very moment. 
"I'm not okay" My Chemical Romance. Her favorite band.

she put it on repeat and got out, stalking toward the front of the school, ahead of her mother, ahead of her stepfather, leaving them behind.  Her uniform was itchy. real wool skirt.  well, they can make her go to a private school, they can make her wear the skirt and the shirt and " do what was expected of her" but they didn't say she could wear Doc Martins up to her knees, they didn't say torn fishnet stockings were against the law, and the didn't say she couldn't  fray the ends of her skirt. she would customize and personalize this getup if it was the last thing she did. she stomped through the hallways and ignored the gawking.  these people made her so aggravated!
yes, she did in fact have red and black hair. no, she hadn't removed her piercings. yes, they would have to deal. she stomped through the office door and sat down loudly, waiting for her parents to catch up. if she was going to be in this hellhole for three years- doing grade ten over again. she failed it and got kicked out. too much skipping-  then she'd make her first impression as  twisted as she could. this was her hell on earth, she would be sure to make it theirs too.

an hour and a half later she was finished arguing with the principle, had gotten her time table, thoroughly aggravated her parents, and had convinced the principle that she couldn't take any of her piercing out, they'd close over and she'd paid good money for them, before she came here, so she wasn't about to remove them. she said her goodbyes to her mother and father and told them not to bother picking her up after school today she'd take the bus or walk. they looked worried.
"V, that's an hour away, you sure you don't want us to pick you up?" her father said
"no, I'm fine, I'll be okay, thanks, bye" she said quickly and left them standing there, looking after the daughter that they'd totally screwed up on.
her first period class was easy to find, she didn't go in though, she just sat outside the door for 8 minutes trying to force herself to go inside.
this was it.
bye self
I'll miss you

she sighed and opened the door into the sun bathed room.




The End

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