Break Away From Sanity

A pianist with his own mental health in mind finds a young and talented piano player. He invites the youth to his home to play for him so he could bask in the music he hasn't played in years. Little did he know that this young man could force him to show the other personalities hidden deep within his mind.

A garden tea party held on the afternoon of such a lovely day. The sun was out and the birds no longer kept their melodic voices to themselves. The place buzzed with idle chatter, clinking of wine glasses and the sweet music coming from a magical instrument. The music never failed to impress at any occasion. Confident fingers ticked the ebony and ivory keys of the piano as the stings under the large instrument began working to create such a sound that could put anyone under its spell. By the sound of the piano, one could tell a joyful man sat at its base, eyes scanning over the sheet music in an attempt to look like he was paying attention to it. No doubt the man had it memorized and played the keys of the piano like he did his heart. There wasn't a soul on Earth that would deny the beauty of the piano, it's complexity drew people in, but its simplicity made people connect with it on an emotional and perhaps even spiritual level.

One man listened to the music as he watched from above. He was standing on the terrace looking down on the other noblemen and women that had joined the days festivities. Most of them probably heard about this party from a friend and thought that if they wanted to appear rich, it was only fashionable to arrive. The man looking down on them did not care for what image they presented to the world, for he knew many of them were as ugly on the inside as they were on the outside. Ebony hair tickled the back of his neck and tips of his ears as he tried desperately to keep it out of his eyes. Often, he would find himself running his fingers over his scalp and down his neck to brush back the thick hair that fought so insistently to block his view. The eyes that held his view were orbs of chocolate brown, ordinary, but no one took note of his eyes to really believe it deserved a compliment. Behind his eyes showed a man of great gain, great loss and great heartbreak, but then again, what man has not seen his share of ups and downs? Those orbs are connected by a sloping nose just above a pair of full lips. A hard jaw showed his thoughtfulness and his broad shoulders showed his strength. He was a man of pride and would not be seen as anything other than perfect.

His strong body would not be covered in something cheap. Oh no. He was a man of wealth and it was only reasonable to show it off. It showed his status and that he was better than most when he walked down the streets filled with beggars and those too poor to buy food. Pathetic yes, but the man could not spare a moment for them. He was much too busy for that.. or he'd like to think he was. Wearing a simple white shirt with light pinstripes and a high collar, it was something easy to wear without looking poor. A vest covered most of that white shirt. The vest was pinstriped as well, though the thicker stripes moving down his torso made his body look slimmer and taller than it really was. This man was quite tall, six foot perhaps, but he's never really measured himself in the past couple of years. The vest was black and gray, he was never a fan of color. Long legs that took him almost everywhere were clad in black pinstripe pants that were the most fashionable pants in stores. By the way he dressed, people could think he was a fan of pinstripe. A gray, satin tie wrapped delicately around his neck tucked into his vest and thin, gold rimmed glasses covered his chocolate orbs. A pair of leather spat boots covered his feet and cushioned his every step.

With a wine glass in his hand and his other resting on the terrace, he watched the boy playing the piano. Almost in a trance, he missed his name being called until a hand clamped down on his shoulder gently. Turning his head, he found himself face to face with another man who was invited to today's garden party. The man known as Thomas Clancy came to stand beside the man, looking down at the piano player as well. "Amazing sound is it not, Tobias?" the man asked, he was a chubby man, gray hair growing from his chin and atop his head. Though his heart was large and he could never hold a grudge longer than a couple minutes. Tobias found himself slightly fascinated by this man. How could he be so happy all the time?

"Yes.. he seems to be fond of your daughter," Tobias remarked, seeing as the piano player, Louisa Clancy, and another female that he was informed to be Thomas' niece. The man's chuckle rumbled inside his chest and Tobias found the sound to be quite familiar. He did like familiar things. His father used to chuckle like that, maybe a little deeper, but it sounded very similar. "I don't see a problem with that. I was down there before and got to have a chat with the boy. He's very humble and he doesn't seem like the type to run away with my daughter. She's already betrothed," the man replied, and the only reply he received was a nod from Tobias. Tobias was a good judge of character and even though the boy did seem to honest for his own good, there was nothing stopping the boy from breaking through that exterior and becoming a less honest man. He couldn't possibly know what the boy was thinking while he was singing something for the 'Queen of Argyle', but there was always a chance the boy was not what he seemed. With his eyes still attached to the boy, Tobias' eyes widened by a fraction when he saw the boy leaving.


"If you'll excuse me, I'd like to have a chat of my own with the boy before he leaves," Tobias said, bowing slightly and leaving the terrace, placing his wine glass on the table as he rushed out the room and down the stairs. the house was large and it took a couple minutes for the man to find his way out.

Tobias had grown up in a wealthy family. His mother had many affairs, leaving in the morning and coming home at ungodly hours of the night. Yet that didn't stop her from acting like a mother. She was kind, and gently, but having been forced to marry his father, Tobias was grateful that she didn't see him as 'that man's son', but her own. His father knew about the affairs, but did nothing to stop her. Her family was very understanding in a sense, because his father didn't stop his mother when he knew that there was no love in their relationship. The only thing that kept them together was Tobias.. and the fact that their own parents would disown them if they heard of a divorce. From a young age, the boy was given everything he could ever dream of. His crying was stopped in mere seconds and some would say he was a spoiled brat. If his father hadn't died, he would probably think the same of himself.

After his father died, his mother was still out and about with the men she loved in her life, he became a second priority. He was still fairly wealthy, but his father died when he was fifteen, he was still too young to get the money for himself and use it. He had to get a job to have money to spend for himself, it was hard, but he did what he could. His meals were paid for, his clothes and his school books, but if he wanted anything else, he would have to gain the money himself. Depression ended up eating away at him until he found and instrument called the Piano. Everything captivated him and he found himself using all his money that he gained for personal classes and eventually paying for his admission to an academy. By then, his mother had disappeared in his life and he only had his maids and butlers to keep close. They were only doing their jobs, but with lower pay, it was amazing that many walked out of the job and only one stayed. She was like his motherly influence. Even today, she's still there cleaning, cooking and doing everything a mother should do. Tobias was eternally grateful.

Exiting the large double doors, he walked calmly to the gate where he saw the boy getting paid. "Excuse me?" He called out, getting to the boy before he was able to leave. "You played excellent today and I was wondering if you'd be interested in a job," he asked, not knowing how busy this boy might be.

The End

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