I wasn’t in too much of a hurry to get out of bed that morning. Until I was wide awake and remembered what had been going on in my life recently. Then I jolted up, and began to put on my bikini, then pulled my dress over it.
                James came in through the door, having just visited Mum and Dad, no doubt waking them up after being bored of me sleeping.
                I spent about 5 minutes extra trying to make myself look better – as nice as I could look without makeup on – whilst James held onto the door handle swinging back and forth impatiently. “Lyssaa... Lyyyssaaaa... Lyyyyysssaaaaa...” He said in a soft, childish voice repetitively. He stopped after his third time, and stood still for a little, slightly fascinated at me wiping any excess eyeliner off of my face so that it wouldn’t smudge and dribble down my face when I went in the water.
                Since he had the attention span of a moth, his interest faltered, and after less than half a minute, he started up again. “Lyyy-”
                “Alright! I’m done, I swear!” I threw my hands in the air and picked up a towel and the room card, “Let’s go. Go, go!” I gestured him to hurry up out of the door so I could shut it. Hypocrisy at it’s finest. It’s excused between siblings.

                Breakfast was an irrelevant part of my morning, as I was slightly desperate to get to the beds by the pool, in order to possibly see him. I knew I probably wouldn’t, I suppose they wouldn’t have much to do until any activities started, but I was clearly a woman obsessed, I didn’t think I could deny it anymore than I already had been. Denial was stupid at this point.
                I lay the canary yellow towel over the plastic padding that was on the chair and lay back on it, iPod in hand. I went straight to shuffle, not entirely bothered about what came up, but on a low volume, in case by some miracle, he would come along and speak to me, sweep me up in his arms, whatever. As I thought about that, I took out one of the earphones, and closed my eyes.
                I heard voices, and so I opened them again, and I saw a line of people in yellow t-shirts and bright blue shorts walking round the pools, waving to people. I couldn’t see who they were yet, but I prayed silently in my mind that he would be there. They rounded the corner and began to approach where I was. I sat up, and adjusted myself, even though there was no way I could make myself look any better.
                As luck would have it, I could determine that the face leading the line of entertainers was Mikail. Seeing him made me remember my dress was still on.
                I crossed my arms over and grabbed a handful of the material near the bottom, and pulled it slowly over my head, and ruffled my hair to put it back in place after I dropped the dress on the chair beside me. I have to say my timing was pretty good, as I looked upwards with my eyes, he was about to walk past me. I earned myself a smile as he walked past, a look that lingered before he passed me. Julia was a couple of spaces down the line. “Hey Lyssa!” She said excitedly, smiling.
                “Hey!” I returned, not quite as eagerly as she had, but it warmed me to know that I was liked.

                After a small while, the pool began to fill up a little, and the air was filled with playful screams and conversation in many languages. I got bored of sitting after a while, and made my way to the pool’s edge, and slipped myself in slowly. I swam around in the part of the pool I hadn’t really been in often, as it had led to the bubbly bit where my nightmare had been set. I didn’t actually go into that part of it, but swum around in the still water instead. I doubt I’d relive something that didn’t even happen… but I figured it’d be the better thing to do.
                I crossed my arms up on the side, resting my head in the middle of them, and decided to people watch for a while. There was plenty to watch, since the hotel photographers were out and about, and there were a couple of guys dressed up in superhero costumes. I wasn’t someone who really liked superheroes, the only one I was remotely interested in was Spiderman, which, coincidently, was the one standing a few feet ahead of me posing with some woman.
                Eventually, the amount of people (majority of them being women flirting or little boys in awe of their comic book hero) died down, and the guy with a large Canon camera was looking around for anyone to take photos of. I was in plain sight. Oh dear.
                “Do you want your photo taken?” He asked. I’ll be the first to admit he was pretty cute. He had typical Asian features, the dark, fluffy hair, dark eyes, and a defined jawline. I smiled, and shook my head. “Yes you do, come here.” I tried to shake my head again, but his thin lips pulled up into a smile, “Yes! You do! Come on!” I laughed, and pushed myself up on the side. Spiderman appeared by my side and took my hand to help me up. I took it, in a way I would imagine a damsel would in a film if being helped up, and gave him quite a deliberate look that told him I was playing along. He obviously took the hint, since his head bowed to me as I stood. I was greatly amused.

                After the small photo-shoot was done, the photographer told me that I could see the photos later on tonight, and to go to the photography booth thing. I thought that was a little self-explanatory, since it said ‘photos’ right above the door, but I thanked him, and walked back to the beds.

The End

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