I made my way over to the stage, walking briskly and a little ahead from the rest of them. I decided to choose a table near-ish to the end of the rows, closest to where the toilets were. I sat on the chair with my legs crossed. By the time the rest of them came to join me, I pins and needles in one leg, and my other foot was bouncing impatiently. I was amazed that none of them had asked me if I was okay, or noticed how anxious I was. Perhaps it wasn’t as obvious to someone who didn’t know. Perhaps I needed to chill out a bit.
                Time seemed to pass ultra slow, but eventually music and lights started. But of course, it was the awards from the games throughout the day. I only paid attention when I heard my own name being called out. It was spoken wrong, I might add, but was still spelt correctly on the certificate I was handed. I awkwardly had to stay up on the stage beside the Sarah girl, and some other Russian guy, whose name I think was Igor, or something along those lines. He was about a head and a half taller than I was, with curly, sandy blonde hair and reasonably thick-rimmed glasses.

I spent the majority of my time on the stage taking advantage of my height, and the ability to scan the rest of the people – those sat watching, and those moving around. Not one of them turned out being the one I was looking for. My lip-biting habit I’d never managed to kick came at me with full-force, as I started to chew at the edges of my bottom lip relentlessly.
                I moved off the stage cautiously, taking note that the stairs were not attached to the main stage, and did wobble slightly. No sooner had I sat down in my seat, my hand reached for the table top, and gently tapped my fingers.

I was just about giving up on looking round, when my attention turned to the direction of the toilets. No face other than the one I had been searching for that evening was peeking around the empty stone doorway. He saw me watching and stepped out slightly, gesturing with his arm to come. “I’m just going to the toilets.” I said without looking at them. I heard a mumble of acceptance, and walked towards him. Their gaze wasn’t following, so I slipped to the right, where the toilets weren’t.
                Mikail took my hand and looked at me, “Go down there, where the photos are, and I’ll meet you down there.” I followed where he was pointing. I knew there was a small alley down the side of the photos taken at the hotel were.
                “..I don’t know.” I whispered. He looked a little frustrated, but he pulled me closer, and brought me through the door opposite of where we went earlier today. It was some sort of changing room. There were a few mirrors on the walls, with lights around them, and makeup shelves with chairs in front of them. It all seemed very much like it was in a film-scene. Not that my whole situation wasn’t surreal.
                “My room down by the photos. It won’t be long, really.”
“How long?”
                “About 20 minutes.”
I made a slightly pained expression, “I can’t.”
“It will be too long; I only said I was going to the toilet. 20 minutes is too long.” I suddenly so badly wanted to go to his room. The temptation was so strong, it was a wonder I could think straight enough to reject the offer, because I knew I’d be asked why I took so long. Not straight enough, apparently, to reject it entirely.
                “Okay.” He replied, looking a little disappointed. He still held one of my hands, holding the other on my waist. He used that hold to pull me to him in a kiss. He then broke away in what seemed like a realisation, and hurriedly pulled me out of the dressing room, and through the door opposite.

He turned and locked it again, like before. Then, rushing towards me, embraced me with a little force, and pushed me up close to the wall. My breathing quicken along with the pace of my heart. He wasted no time in running his hands over my body. In a bed or not, he still wanted me, and I was happy to give in to his wishes.
                He broke away from me slightly, and held a gentle grasp onto my forearm, as he towed me into the same cubicle we had before. Kissing continued, and both pairs of shorts found their way off our hips, and around lower legs. Hands and fingers caressed the way they had formerly, only more confidently; as I knew that this time, it wasn’t merely a distant daydream.
                Finally he turned me round to face the wall. I was still as unprepared for the pleasure he brought me as before, but I found that I had more of a chance to enjoy the moment. I found it more difficult to contain myself, which meant he had to hush me a little more. It seemed more urgent hushing as it wasn’t as loud outside with the buzzing of conversation and general daylight sounds.

He finished, and appeared more in a hurry to get me back to my family than earlier, which made sense. I only felt a little bit rejected as though he was annoyed that I couldn’t go back to his room, though he didn’t seem to mind too much, I could still feel the resentment was there.
                As I came back and sat down, mum said; “Wow, you took your time.” I managed to make up an excuse that the toilets were so cool it was nice to just be in there for a while, which was actually true. “Well,” she continued, “At least you haven’t missed anything.”

As if on cue, the mainstream music faded, and there was an announcement. I wasn’t sure how many different languages he translated to as they all sort of merged at the ends and beginnings of the announcement, due to how fast he was speaking. I could barely make out when he was even speaking in English than the others, the only thing that separated them was the consistency of the speed, for example (what I thought was) Russian sounded a lot faster than what he was saying in French and English.
                The performers tonight were an acrobatics group from China. It sounds pretty stereotypical coming from a person who’s not like that at all, but it never comes as a surprise when I hear about an acrobatics group from China.
                The main lights dimmed, and a red glow enveloped the stage, and two long pieces of red material dropped down for the end to touch the stage floor from the middle of the ceiling. Two girls with shiny dark hair tied back into a bun, approached them, walking delicately with pointed toes. There was then a lot of wrapping them around wrists and ran in a large circle, taking the entirety of the stage, and they were suddenly spinning around in mid-air. I couldn’t comprehend the amount of complicated moves they were performing up there, so I just stared in awe.
                In my peripheral vision, I saw Mikail standing in the open doorway beside the stage, but as soon as I turned to look at him properly, his gaze transferred from me to, to the acts. A butterfly sensation rippled through my lower stomach, and then again it evoked the memory of his tight, yet gentle, grip on my waist.
                With another glance in my direction, he turned, and left around the corner; out of my sight, however not out of my mind.

The End

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