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Lying on the sun-bed listening to my iPod was what I was intending on doing for the next half hour, I had decided. What I didn’t realise was, the pool was, ‘refreshing’ after this half hour period. I was planning on joining in the games by the poolside again, but by the time I’d actually swum over there, they were halfway through, so I went over to the side to watch instead.
                The same people were running it, which meant he was there. Sure enough, although he hadn’t seen me yet, he was there chanting with one of the two groups of people around the pool corner. Then when he stood up, he caught my eye, but I diverted them rapidly, so it didn’t look like I was staring at him. Like I was.
                My lack of attention proved itself when, to my surprise, everyone around me had jumped up to their feet, and those in the pool were swimming to the sides hurriedly. I began to stand up, noticing that when I put back my arm to push myself up, someone was standing close to my right.

My heart quickened for a few beats as I realised who it was, and I got to my feet sharpish, smiling back into his gorgeous face. I noticed all too well that his shirt was off. This was both an upside and a downside. I think the upside was fairly self explanatory, as he showed off a perfectly toned stomach, and without the sleeves of the yellow t-shirt, my eyes were drawn more to his arms, which can be described just the same as his abs.
                The downside, however, was that I couldn’t read his nametag from the shirt. I cursed in my mind.
                I pulled my eyes from him long enough to see the other people round the pool, ready to sway their arms in sync. Yet again, throughout the club dance, he managed to make it so that we jumped towards each other, and I giggled like a little girl each time. This time, instead of pushing me, he went back, same as me, and jumped in with me.
                By the time I resurfaced and wiped the hair out of my face, he was already staring back at me. His smile was gone, but his gaze was so intense I couldn’t look away. He came closer to me, but fixed his eyes on something behind me.
                “Meet me at the pool bar at 1:30..” He muttered, so low under his breath, that only I could possibly hear it over the playful screams of those around us. I was stunned into a silence, and complete and utter confusion. I knew this was a request, but I felt like it was an order. Before I could register all of this, he was already standing on the floor out of the pool, “Did you hear me?” he called out. I nodded, but, for some reason, my brain decided to blank out a major detail,
                “Where?” I asked, shielding the sun from my eyes with one hand,
                “Here.” He said, and I realised. The bar next to the pool. Obviously. Then, without another word, he turned and started walking, going in the direction of the small passage beside the photography shop.

                I hadn’t the faintest idea what was going on. I had it in my mind that there was some game he wanted me to come to and join in with, and the fact that he’d only said it so that I could hear, passed through me, and I dismissed it. I shook the idea off completely and went for lunch.
                Stupidly, over a chocolate crêpe, I decided to tell mum that I was meeting him there at half one after I asked for the time.
                “ooooooooh” she crooned at me, “it’s a date!” she winked, and nudged my arm beside me, and I nudged back, rolling my eyes.
                “No.. it’s really not.” I replied, un-amused. Secretly, I sort of wished it could have been, but, seriously. I wasn’t even 16 yet, and, well, I think he must’ve been at least 20. Not that I really thought that age mattered in a relationship; there are people together who are 20 years apart! Of course, I had a line, double my age and that’s crossing it. Jheez.
                Not that there was any relationship.

I finished lunch a little faster than usual, an d walked back up to the beds with mum when I had. I reached underneath the beach towel that draped over my bed to grab my iPod, checking the time, which was 1:32. Replacing it, I slipped my flip-flops back on, and re-traced my steps back to the pool bar. Inconveniently, I needed the toilet at this exact moment, so I worked out a strategy in my mind to go past the bar, around the pool, and then loop back.
                Then I saw him. His shades were off, his shirt on. I saw him catch me in his line of vision,  his expression didn’t change, but he turned, and started to walk toward the side of the stage, and the archway that led to the toilets and back stage. Where I was heading anyway.
                I was literally 3 metres behind him, and as he entered the empty doorway, he turned to his right, which was closest to the stage. I turned left and went into the toilets.
                When I got out, I looked to the direction he had gone, only to see him still standing there. There was about 3 or 4 steps, and he was standing at the top of them, staring at me. After barely a couple of seconds, the time it took for him to acknowledge I was actually there, he straightened up, and motioned with his fingers for me to approach him. I walked towards him, and he backed up and opened one of the doors that was either side of him, this one was to his left, I assumed they led to the backstage, seeing as this was.. well, behind the stage.
                He pushed the door inward, open. “Quickly,” He whispered urgently, and I walked through, not instantly looking at my surroundings, but waiting for him to follow. He closed the door behind him, and pushed the button in the middle to lock it.

Nothing that just happened had really crossed my mind twice. I looked around me, to find that I was actually in quite a small, tiled room. It had a sink, and two shower cubicles. The floor was covered with foam pool floats. Despite these facts, nothing sank in until I looked at him. My eyes found his, which were staring directly into mine. Suddenly, he grabbed my arms, and bent down his head to kiss me.
                I stood. Frozen. Unsure on what to do. Even after seeing him lock the door, I hadn’t seen any of this coming. I cursed mentally, how could I not have realised?! Stupid girl, I thought to myself. My mind rapidly ran through all the new possibilities that could happen, how far things could go in any short space of time, now that this was happening?
                After my conscience eventually shutup, I closed my eyes, and my hand reached to his shoulder, and I kissed him back. His breath was heavier, and his mouth worked fast, lips pressing hard whilst moving around mine. His hands started to wander, creeping around to my waist, and stroking around my back, his movements seemed desperate, as if he was just letting go, emotions left to pour out.
                If it was emotion that was driving him to do this, that was. I couldn’t quite identify his scent, I thought it may have been mint… and being one of the weird, awkward teenagers that didn’t like mint, I amazed myself to how much I didn’t really mind it.

My thoughts that were studying his motives and smell were interrupted when his hand moved lower, pulling me closer towards him. Slowly, I felt his hand moving back up my stomach, and then underneath my bikini.

The End

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