The ride wasn’t as bad as I imagined, it was reasonably easy to keep a hold, except when it bounced or turned pretty sharp corners. Second time round, I figured to wedge my feet in the little crevasse between the ledge and the main body of the banana boat.
                Being as insanely intelligent as I am, thinking of my poor would-be damaged feet, I’d taken my shoes by the water’s edge, so I wasn’t scorching my said feet on the sand. That was the only flaw to – well, everywhere in this place. The floors, everywhere always got hot before 12, and just got worse during the day. Unfortunately, as my feet were wet from the sea, as were my flip-flops, the sand coated itself around them, causing them to act like sandpaper against the bottom of my feet. At least it wasn’t as hot.
                It wasn’t that bad being with the ‘teenage club’ or whatever it was, though I politely declined joining them in a darts game, they were starting almost straight away. I felt a little awkward around the boys that were younger than me, slightly out of place.

                Padding up the pathway back to the pool, on my left, again, another group of people – most I recognised from playing the day before – were playing that weird game with balloons. I noticed Sam just about to throw, Aidan standing not far behind him, leaning back, arms folded and a cheeky grin on his face, attempting to put off his friend by shouting playful abuse at him.
                I’d missed it again.
‘Urgh.’ I muttered under my breath, and tried to contain my annoyance as I walked back up the slope, the sand still scraping at the soles of my feet.

                “C’mon James.” I called as I arrived back by the beds, where my mum was sat in the shade reading, and James sat on a canary yellow towel which was scrunched up at the end of one of the sun-beds, “ I’m taking you on the slides.” I was still annoyed about missing the game, though I didn’t mean for it to show. James clearly wasn’t old enough to notice my agitated tone, and jumped up, squealing. I mentally shoved my immature strop to the side, and replaced it with another immature thought, as I pushed my little brother into the pool.
                His head re-emerged with a little splutter, followed by a giant grin and a laugh. I jumped in myself, letting him grab hold of my shoulders, as I swam with him on my back under a low, wooden bridge to where they were.

                After countless times climbing the steps to the top, I’d just about had enough. Unusually, James was still erupting with energy. So after  1 more trip ‘chasing’ him down the steep, blue slide and the twirly orange one, and 3 more times racing down the wide, rainbow slide, I plonked myself on the pool’s edge. “No, no more.” I told him. My arms were tiring from pushing myself up onto it for a start, so even standing up after that was a pain in the arse.
                “Oh!” He whined, sustaining the sound in a way that resembled a siren. I laughed.
“You can go up on your own! You’re not disabled.”
                “I’ll take him.” I heard a voice from behind me. Glancing back from where the voice came from, I saw a guy who was clearly Turkish. I did figure this from the recognisable accent, but his looks confirmed it. His skin was olive coloured, and his hair was thick and black. I shielded my eyes from the sun to get a better look. His face was quite thin, and held a big smile which seemed to be almost surrounded by stubble, but attractively.
                “Sure.” I responded. Obviously, I wasn’t an irresponsible sister. I wouldn’t have done this back at home; Jesus, no. But for one thing, this was a hotel. Nothing was going to happen here that would happen back at home. Secondly, which summed up my first thought quite nicely, the people out here were nice, I trusted them. And I mean everyone was nice. I was nicer out here, not so grouchy and I-want-to-sit-inside-and-be-antisocial. Must’ve been something in the water; isn’t that what they say?

                Kicking myself out of my conscious thoughts, I watched my brother run around and going down the slides with him. He seemed like a genuinely nice person who liked kids. Things like this never happen. I was just glad to get him out of my hair.
                Eventually, when I regained enough strength for me to deem myself ready to take on the slides again, I took James’s hand as he got out of the pool for another trip up the stairs. He still continued to come with us on the slides, and I could most definitely feel his eyes watching me. When we got to the top, I turned to look behind me, sure enough to see him ready to stare right into my eyes. I looked right back, and put on a smile effortlessly without any sense of awkwardness. I found it so much easier to make eye contact with genuinely nice people.

                It was about half 5, not that keeping track of time really mattered all that much, but I’d left little James-y with my parents, and hung out in the sun beside one of the bridges, sitting on the pool’s edge. I let the heat tingle my skin, as I lay my head back resting my eyes.
                A splash interrupted my daydream. A volleyball of some type landed inches from my feet, and drifted further towards me, nudging my toes. I picked it out and searched for an owner, to find none other than Sam. I threw it back for him to catch, “Cheers.” He called, and threw it over the bridge, presumably to Aiden or a smaller brother that I’d noticed hanging around him, as if nothing had just happened. Wow.
                “You two should play together. Talk.” What was it with voices coming out of nowhere?! The guy who had pulled the surfboard from under my feet was stood smiling. Sam looked up at him, and then completely ignored the comment. I smiled back.
                “No.” I replied.
“No? Why not?” I shrugged at his question. His smile remained, but grew slightly, before a silent acknowledgement of the conversation being over, as I looked away and he walked in another direction. My eyes panned across the pool, over the island in the middle, and towards the pool bar. I saw someone, whose body was facing away, arms rested on the side, but who’s head was turned. It was turned and staring straight at me. After a couple of seconds, I realised who it was, and a smile crept upon my face, and I felt myself get hot, which probably meant I was blushing.
                Sliding myself into the water, slowly, I went under, running my hands down my newly-wet hair as I rose again. I looked over to see if he was still looking. He was. I smiled; he returned it. The same guy who had taken James on the slides. Smooth move, I thought, as I realised his actual intentions.

                I swam across to the opposite side, at a slight diagonal so I shortened the distance between us. When I reached the border, I climbed out, pretty gracefully, and walked up to our beds. Being all part of my act, I was having fun.
                Mum was there. I approached her with a prize-winning grin on my face. “What’re you so smug about?” She asked as she saw me.
                “Some guy keeps watching me. He used looking after James as a way to talk to me.”
“Smooth.” She repeated my previous thoughts. She closed her book, and sat up, swinging her legs over the sides of the bed.
                “Where’re you off to?” I asked.
“With you. You’re showing me this guy.”
I laughed, “Okay then. But I’m just saying now, he’s old for me.”

                Mum walked beside me, I kept my eyes up, and when they found him, his didn’t avert. “There.” I stated, my expression unmoving, and not gesturing, she knew me well enough to follow my eyes, “The one who’s got his arms up on the side – yeah, that’s the one.” I didn’t turn to see a reaction, I went straight up to the bar for a bottle of water, then sat at a table; making sure I’d pushed the chair far enough out so that I could be seen.
                “You cheeky, cheeky girl!” She exclaimed mockingly, “Dad wouldn’t be pleased.” She winked to indicate her joke. I laughed, taking a sip from the straw in my bottle. “Is he still watching you? I saw that.” Almost spraying my drink, I glanced sideways, to see his smile lift. I lowered my eyes, an raising them up again, before grinning myself.
                “Yup.” I confirmed.
“Stop it, you!” Mum snorted, tapping my leg playfully, “I don’t know where you get it from! Anyway. We should go back now, if you want to look all primped for tonight.”
                “Oh okay, will do. I’ll walk back round this way.” I winked while she rolled her eyes.

                By about 6, we’d gone up to the room, and I’d just about finished my shower. There was some sort of foam party down by the beach, and I knew there was zero point in straightening, or attempting to straighten, my hair.
                I decided to wear my purple sleeveless top, which was a stretchy and shimmering fabric that clung to my body,  with a pair of floaty, floral shorts that looked like a skirt. Looking in the mirror, though, I couldn’t help thinking it could look better on someone else. I pushed my self-conscious thoughts to the back of my mind, and continued applying powder on my nose, then eyeliner and mascara on my eyes.

                The usual night entertainment flew past like a dream. Mamma Mia didn’t interest me as much as the usual teenage ‘heart-throb’ girl, and I could have practically skipped down to the beach. Of course, dad was carrying little James, having fell asleep half way through the show. Apparently we shared the same opinion on that front.
                A large campfire had started on the beach, in the space of the cleared sun-beds, and a circle of people had been formed around it and the speakers where the DJ was, though the music had not yet started.
                After a few minutes, entertainers started to come forward, all the girls dressed in pirate-ish costumes, making them all look insanely sexy, making me feel the extreme opposite. All the guys, basically just shorts. No shirts. Damn it was good.
                 Then I saw him, the killer darts guy, that I still didn’t know the name of and could shoot myself for. Wearing some red scarf thing round his head, hair spiked up.
                As everyone started to gather, one of the guys, I recognised as who organised the water polo, did some starting eating fire or something. There were plenty of ooh’s and aah’s to go round, mine being one of them. Suddenly, something caught on fire, then it spread into some sort of pattern; ‘Ayscha’. The name of the hotel. Classy.

                After the long awaited music started, I dragged mum into the sand, leaving James asleep on dad. Being horrific at dancing, I didn’t mind so much, as I was only pissing about with my mum, and it didn’t really matter, until she disappeared. I had kept a card-key in my bra, just in case I wanted to stay later than everyone else, but I felt a little more conscious of myself. I was dancing alone for God’s sake!
                I decided to go along with it. No one cared. All of a sudden, I was no longer dancing alone. Shirtless, he was in front of me, with his back to me, looking back with a smile. There was barely half an inch of space between us. I grinned when I saw it was him, and bit my lip, just instinctively. I wasn’t quite sure what happened, but in a minute or so, he was gone, and I was left smiling, when I saw my dad next to me. Oh dear, was I really going to be dancing with my dad? Apparently so.
                It was pretty hilarious, trying to see him get with one of the girl entertainers, who also found it just as funny as me. I noticed I was getting pretty soaked from the foam, constantly spewing from the machine at the front, lit up by green lasers, twisting around and flashing.
                A few more times, killer-darts-guy came up and danced with me again. I wasn’t sure how long each one was for, but afterwards, my dad would raise his eyebrows at me and laugh. If the light wasn’t distorting colours, he would have noticed me blush.

It was at least half 1 by the time me and dad made our way back to the room. Mum had already taken James back when she got tired, mentally, I thanked her  for the warning.

The End

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