“Lyssa! Lunch!” I heard my mum call from further down the path, James’ hand in her grasp as he was pulling forward like a starving dog. Sometimes you’d wonder if he was actually starved.
                I walked closer to the side and pushed myself up from the water. “Bye!” I said cheerily, glancing back at him. He nodded and turned to go. I saw mum drop my shoes by her feet, and then walked off with James. I ran like an idiot to them, the floor still burning.
                Lunch practically filled me up to the point I could barely move, and I just felt so tired. No swimming.

The afternoon practically whizzed past, falling asleep with my headphones on, strangely falling asleep with my iPod on shuffle – I have music that isn’t exactly ‘calm’ on there. I amaze myself with my ability to sleep with some of my music, sometimes it’s shocking.
                I awoke at about half 3, a couple of hours before I got back to the beds after lunch, and I had almost completely dried off, making me insanely hot. This was not on. I sat up, slowly, so as not to get the biggest head-rush known to man. Calmly, I turned my iPod off, and taking the headphones off. Then scared the living shit out of my dad by jumping in the pool virtually a few centimetres from him. Well, I thought it was funny.
                Until he pushed me back underwater and attempted to tickle me. Being immune to being tickled, I grabbed onto him and pushed him under instead. Hell yeah to being not-ticklish.
                Still laughing, I went back to the beds. Just as I was pushing myself up to sit on the side, from the corner of my eye, I saw someone walking towards me, in a yellow t-shirt and blue shorts. I looked up, to see someone I hadn’t noticed around. But, I had only been there for less than a day.

I realised, I hadn’t caught any names of any of the people that worked there, whilst I looked at the name tag on her t-shirt. Julia. I also made a mental note to check the name of that other guy, so I could put a name to a face, other than referring to him.
                Julia was quite short, curvy, with dark brown hair, under a yellow hat, tied up in a bun and light brown eyes. I stood up, at least half a head taller than her,
                “Hello,” she said with a smile, I couldn’t quite work out what accent she had, “would you like to come on the, uh,” she made hand gestures in a curved shape with her fingers, “banana boat?” she finished. I turned back to look at my dad for approval – which I received with a nod – and smiled back at her,
                “Yeah okay,”
“Okay, well come with me.”

I followed her to the sheltered area by the stage, where I played killer darts earlier. At the back by the wall, there were a few chairs set out, two of which were taken up by a couple of boys, possibly a year or so older than me.
                “Wait here, with Sam and, um..” She paused to catch his name, but they were both looking down at a phone that the blonde one was holding. The other looked up,
                “Aidan.” He said, “You do realise we’re not coming?” and looked back down at the phone, without even acknowledging I was there. Nice.

Julia rolled her eyes, and then smiled at me, “Well, I’ll be back in a minute.” then turned to head down to the beach. Awkwardly, I went and sat down on the chair on the outside of the three, slightly turned away, and crossed my legs, my hand automatically reaching up to twirl the end of my plait.
                Bored, feeling awkward and self conscious, and as I was clearly not going to be able to start a reasonable conversation with either of the two, I listened to their conversation. They were both English, Aidan quite muscled with broad shoulders and dark mousey hair, Sam quite slender, but toned nicely, paler than Aidan, with fluffy blonde hair.
                It wasn’t interesting. All I figured was that Sam was leaving later that night, and he was giving Aidan his facebook, who was leaving the next afternoon.
                “Hey.” I broke from my trance, daydreaming at the pool bar, looking up to see Sam standing in front of me. I smiled, “Hey.” I replied, waiting for an introduction, maybe a name-exchange,
                “We’re just going to get something, we’ll be right back.”
“Oh, okay,” Ooh, the friendliness was overwhelming.

Eventually, Julia came back, with another girl dressed in a yellow t-shirt and blue shorts, followed by a few others. Two Asian boys I assumed were brothers, one significantly older than the other, but still younger than I was by about 2 years. There was also another boy with them, approximately the same age as the older Asian boy.
                “Where is Sam and the other boy?” Julia asked me,
“They said they went to get something, but they’re not coming back.” I answered,

Julia lead us down the path past the pool, when a pair of hands gripped my arm, “No! Where are you taking her?!” It was him again. He who found it amusing to make me fall into the pool.
                “She’s coming with us to the banana boats.” Julia answered for me, laughing. He smiled back, and fell to his knees.
                “No! You can’t take her!” His hold loosened as Julia took my shoulders, and his hand slid down my arm to my fingertips.
                “Don’t worry about him,” She said jokingly, “He’s crazy.” She winked at me, and let go of my shoulders.

We headed down to the beach, where a bunch of inflatable stuff was. The Asian brothers were actually German, although preferred to speak English, and a pair of German twins also joined us. Both tall and slim, both blonde with blue eyes, although the boy was fairer haired and skinned than his sister.
                I barely spoke a word to anyone else, not because I was stuck up and thought they were all too immature for my standards, but just because I don’t speak unless I’m spoken to. Generally this only applies to strangers, but of course, purely for the fact I hate feeling that I’m unwanted. Or because I’m ignoring to make a point.
                We were fitted with lifejackets and lead down to the shore’s edge.

“So, where are you from?” asked the man who tapped his palm on a seat, on the long inflatable, thing. I couldn’t call it a banana, but it was long and round, with ledges on the sides, where I assumed your feet were supposed to grip onto. Supposed to. You couldn’t grip onto that even if you were an octopus.
                “England,” I replied, mounting the inflatable like I would a horse, trying not to slip off, “Near London.” Successfully, I managed to stably sit on top of the ‘banana’, and I let a slightly proud smirk spread across my face. I was sat in the middle, but towards the back, as my first time, I didn’t want to be right at the front, I’d seen these going, I did not want to be one of the ones who gets thrown off.
                While I was internally babbling about being so amazing, being able to get on it easily, I realised the guy was talking about his family being in London as if it meant we had so much in common we could be close friends. I smiled and nodded in false agreement, he smiled broadly in return, although my smile faltered on the inside, as I watched his eyes move up and down me, I pretended not to notice.

The End

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