A young man, weary of his mundane, mother's-boy life leads his way into a bubbling crucible of experiences and encounters that will change the way he thinks forever.

Casting a weary eye over the undulating landscape of clothes, records, films and furnishings that formed his room, Ted had never felt more alone. The tired beige paint which peeled with age; the moth-eaten curtains which let irregular smatterings of pale light through their loose thread. His room was as worn out as he was.

Fifteen years he had spent grinding away at what his father expected of him. Fifteen years had his pen been scribbling away at the infinite reems of essays and exams. Fifteen years had he endured the tumult and torment of making friends and losing friends and falling in love and having his heart torn in two and cast asunder. He wished beyond all else that he could break free of his habitual constraints; to leave his parents and his haggard bedroom behind and to explore, freely, what the world had to offer, for he was of one mind that there was much, much more than he had seen.

If there was one thing that he had learned from his years of filial imprisonment and obedience, it was that his freedom must be achieved through the proper channels. As much as he detested the restraints of planning and preparation and longed for some spark of spontaneity in his life, he understood that if he waited just a little while and executed a properly planned escape from the prison of Mum and Dad, then he could wing his way to wherever he would choose without riposte.

As the record span rhythmically on the aged turntable on the cheap, tacky-looking imitation maple shelf in front of him, he withdrew into a deep reverie, anticipating the adventures and encounters he would have on his journey. Flashes of things to come pulsated in his mind; a lightening-storm of prophecy. He saw the faces of beautiful, foreign women; the lights of exotic bars and clubs; the ancient masonry of civilizations long bygone. His conscioussness fraught with thought and desire, Ted sailed into the great voyage of sleep, remaining in his leaky vessel of a room. He knew not however, that his dreams would materialise more quickly than anyone could forsee.

The End

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