finding my own.

I was still feeling a bit shook up, as I left the police house. I cant believe I was that stupid. What did I honestly think I was doing, coming here to this crazy place and on my own too. Thinking I was a woman of the world, well travelled but not.

Rule number one, in the backpackers travelling guide- always be wary of strangers.

It could have been so much more than my wallet that he stole from me. It was only one drink, and I saw the shifty little guy, behind the bar open the bottle of cola. So how or when could he have slipped the drug in without me seeing it? I thought.

It doesn’t bare thinking about, drugged and robbed could have been drugged and rapped.

Not that it did any good reporting it either. ‘ Go home’ the officer had told me, looking me over and making my skin crawl. They probably heard this all year from lone women travellers, in on the act, along with the bar guy who disappeared suddenly.

But I couldn’t go home, not yet and not now. I’d never go anywhere again if I ran home now. Thankfully I still had my passport and some money, thanks to that secret pocket that my dad gave me as a going away present. Even though at the time I had laughed at the thought of using it. How little did I know then, how stupid, I added talking to myself.

I racked my brains for any clues that I may have missed. He was a westerner, clean shaven, mixed European accent, tall quite good looking in a cheeky kinda way. Just another traveller, sharing stories from his trips. Or so I thought.

One drink, he said. As I sat and waited for a group I had met, who were catching the night train to Manaus in the Amazon jungle. And I was going with them on the overnight sleeper. Away from all the craziness of Rio.

It hit me quick though. Flooding through my viens, my eyelids felt heavy as I glanced around. The bar was empty except for us. How did I not notice before. I tried to stand up, looking for the weird bar guy, as my new acquaintance grabbed my arm pulling me back down into my chair. The bar guy no where to be seen, and that’s when the lights went out.

The End

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