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In a world almost like ours magic has been existing for over a few hundred years in the corners of everyone's eyes but now its becoming front and center in the city of Casteria. Where large groups of people are being abducted almost instantly from the streets with no witness's.

Another sunny day brought in the tourists gawking at every little thing on the streets as well as the usual but sometimes punishing humid heat.  James had strategically planted himself in the shade and close to the open windows of the air conditioned coffee shop enjoying a cold bittersweet Ice cappuccino and today's paper of Casteria today. Leaving his sunglasses on and putting another hand to push some of his curling dirty blond hair away from his brow. 

" 20 new disappearance on Castle and Fortanaesia Street. Christ." He said to himself briefly perusing the page pondering to hims "when would the authorities admit that these abudctions are getting out of hand? Actually what were they doing? how could there be no leads no anything about these disappearances? Except that they seemed to be happening more frequently.  The page didn't cover much except pleading for people to come foward ,and sending out comforting platitudes to families and friends affected.

He flipped back to the front page which was plastered with face of quite and infamous character in Casteria.  Gerald Vazzerati or also known as Mr Vazeratti a shady business dealer and well known Mob Boss.

"After seven shots in the night Gerald Vazzerati body was found in a gruesome execution styled homicide...."    

 It was no surprise to James or anyone that the man would end up killed in some brutal way. He had many enemies in high and low places; but what was surprising was the this murder seemed impossible Gerald would have seen it coming, rumor had it he had armed men outside and in his penthouse with him at all times, and plus does that mean rival gangs had done it? and if not what kind of repercussion would the streets of Casteria take for that?

" Not a boring paper these days." One of the female servers commented to James. 

"Yeah. it's almost like I'm watching a TV show it surreal." Jame's said putting the paper down. 

"Do you know anyone that has been" She paused," taken." She said shifting to an empty table closer to James's table. 

" No, but personally taking some of my time to look into it and hoping I can find something out. Maybe even stop it." 

" How are you going to stop it?" She cut in her face suddenly very red and her eyes tearing up.  Jame being taken aback paused before saying

" I don't know but its obviously not happening by natural circumstances maybe it's....."

"Magic!" she cut in again this time a tinge of anger hung in her voice.

"I don't mean to offend but maybe there is something to it. These things are happening so fast even by normal means we can't even begin to understand." James said guessing that maybe she had lost someone dear to her and did not hear what she would think is crockery.

"Oh yeah and you know something us regular people do.." 

"Ariel that's enough he is a customer!" The Manger shouted from the counter.

"I didn't mean to give you trouble. I'm sorry" Jame Shied away back to his paper and Ice cap. 

" No It's not your fault. It's just been hard." Ariel her voice crack from her forcing down the emotion. 

James tried to giver her a comforting look, " It will stop eventually it has to and hopefully their alright."

"What did you mean anyways what do you do. You don't seem like a police officer." She asked sounding reserved now.

" I uh.." James paused, thinking of how to phrase it but the blunt truth is all that he could muster " I'm a Private Investigator, but I used to be a detective till I saw something on the job that made me pursue supernatural occurrences and magic." 

"What was that if you don't mind me asking." Ariel said now standing at his table. 

"It was near the end of a case I was going to confront the suspect at his house but he had taken off mid chase he turned towards us a blast of light emanated from his hand and struck one of my coworkers before he shrouded himself in a cloud of darkness that seemed to erase every trace of him. I was let go from the force since I was the only man that witnessed this the evaluated me to be suffer from trauma. But I know what I saw, and have learned some thing since then. "

Ariel's face was half eye rolling but other half almost trying to see how she could possibly believe him. Maybe it was desperation, or maybe she wanted to.  

"It seems like a long shot, but like you said there is something up. If you happen to see or learn anything about this boy," she pulled out the picture of a young teen with orange hair freckles and glasses," His name is Trevor please come here and ask for me." 

" I will. and I'm so sorry." He said touching her forearm.  

She nodded with a thank before going back into the store. James looked to his cell realizing he had meant to be somewhere else in five minutes. In a rush he left 10 dollars at the table before tearing off down the street knocking over a few chairs on his way. 

The End

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