The plot thickens...

The school looked like a war zone. There was shrapnel flying everywhere, hitting people in the face, in the leg, some people had pieces of glass in their eyes and some people, that had been hit directly by the explosion were already dead.

Robin was one of the lucky ones as he crawled through the playground looking for Peter. Because the explosion was in the middle of the school Robin wasn't hit too badly but Peter had decided to run when he saw the detonator, right into the brunt of the explosion.

Then he saw him, horribly disfigured and with a piece of glass piercing his eye but still alive, for now. There were millions of thoughts running through Robin's head but the only thing he could say was, "Peter, is anything broken".

Peter's last words were, "everything mate. But I saw which way Joe went".

"Which way, tell me Pete, please tell me".

All he could manage was a murmur but it was enough. "Left" was what came out and then Robin's mind was made up. He was going to find out who made Joe take so many people's lives, he was going to kill who made Joe take so many people's lives and then he was going to kill Joe.

Then he saw the army issue helicopter.

"What the hell?"

It opened fire.

The End

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