Bravery Is Not An Option.

A story written to make people think. I hope you like my work.

The school was big, not massive but big enough for the two thousand students and the two hundred and fifty teachers but it was a bit too big for Robin Snooks and his two best friends, Joe Cornish and Peter Dunne.

As they walked through the front gates Peter said something that made Robin feel uneasy, he couldn't quite work out why it made him uneasy but that would become quite clear later, "so" he said "do you think we'll survive year 10?"

"Well I will, but you might not" said Joe as he rooted through his bag.

"What are you looking for?" asked Robin.

"Oh just the detonator" he replied.

"What!?" said the two friends in unison.

Then he pressed the small black button in the middle of the phone sized cube.

The explosion was deafening.

The End

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