Cracker Jack Surprise

My title has nothing to do with the content of this chapter it just happens to be one of my most favorite saying when I am flustered and discombobulated.  Interactive Communications sounds like a great class to discuss theory but what exactly do I have to contribute?  but then when do I contribute?  I am so afraid to speak my mind in class and berate myself greatly when I do.  My thoughts are nothing about the topic at hand, and when my friggin thoughts come together it is so many moons after the fact that it is too late to speak up any way.  Wouldn't you know it my third year at university and a teacher knows my name and calls me out in class to say hello.  My face is going as red as a beat I am sure and now heat is starting to rise, just say hello back Carrie-Anne!  Not too hard -You know the answer to that one - argh! 

Well wouldn't you know it presentation day is here, and I am going to show a nice new ebook, compiled with this program and it will have a fancy cover.  Not today!  Cracker jacks I am not prepared my stinking program is so difficult I didn't get a full book together.  Oh I really thought I would like to do this and it would work. With the fandom of HP, and now Twilight there are plenty of communication connections to books right.  Maybe?  Oh I don't know now! I prepared for this, I went to Toastmasters meetings on Tuesday although I don't know that the setting was the same. The classroom is filled with really intelligent people who all have great thoughts to contribute to the class discussion.  I don't feel I interact on the computer enough.  The only reading that even mentioned books was Hector Postigo's - Video Game Appropriation Through Modifications.  the discussion was on copyright and how book publishers are "trying to say that libraries are stealing from them." 

These are important topics and need to bring them into my presentation, but when I get in front of a classroom and I am suppose to speak for myself I freeze, and knowledge flies out the window.  Even written notes seem blurred .  I am sure they can see how shaky my hands are behind the computer as the mouse jumps all around the screen.  

Really the program I used seemed to have so many instructions I felt it would be an easy to follow guide, but four different attempts have only gotten me one table of contents with links and that just stinks!  The Smartness of this technology is not in its affordances... or is it just me, do expect too much?


The End

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