Brave Denizens of DIGI 230

Its mystery is too large to be contained by 500 characters. Its spirit is too bold to be contained by 500 characters. Its heart is too wild to be contained by 500 characters.

Note: this is a closed story; a scholastic experiment with a collaborative digital medium. Please do not add to it unless prompted. Thank you.

Alex yawns briefly before opening the door and entering the class. He regrets it instantly, as Alanna's piercing stare almost commands him to glance at the clock above her head. 2:33. I was late.

I make my way over to my seat in the north-west section of the room, or south-east depending on how you look at it. I say hi to Lucas and Stu on my way there, noticing that David has gotten the Blackberry Grape Vitamin Water from the vending machine in the lobby area of building 340 - just like I have. It is tasty, you know.

I sit down, and suddenly remember the flash cards. I scramble around in my bag, grabbing my pencil and trying to find the highlights I made the night before. I hear a gasp; Alanna has just unveiled a new Prezi to the ooh's and ahh's of the class.

I start writing down the various points I remember from the article. It was hard to read, but enjoyable. I stare out the window at a rabbit sunbathing, and wonder why professor-type folk purposely convolute their articles.

The class passes quickly, and good discussion erupts every few minutes. Aided by Alanna and each-other, we usually find tidbits of great information in the articles we've read. Joey says something controversial and more discussions are procured. 

As the class ends, often earlier then I expect, I feel the urge to be creative and make something amazing or do something awesome with media. But then I realize that the decision to "be" creative is just as futile as attempting to fall upwards.

I hypothesize that creativity is like a stream, activated upon a subject being interacted with by an object, instead of the other way around. A symbiotic relationship of media and human, in mutually responsive communion. I wonder... is this madness?





The End

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