The Stone Circle

“This is pointless, how are we supposed to see anything in this? It hasn’t stopped raining since we’ve been here!”
   “We only got here yesterday Annie”
   “I know...but still.”
Annie was cold. Annie was wet. Annie was god damn miserable, and she wasn’t the only one complaining; the group of teenagers had been, since nine that morning, working at identifying different types of rock by the side of the lake they had been driven to by their surly coach driver. Their raincoats looked like seal skin they were so wet and their hands were numb with the cold.
“OW! Jeeeesus that hurts” Lee sat back on his haunches, watching blood slowly work its way out of the gash in his knee. The frayed edges of the hole in his jeans turned bright pink and then a darker red as they soaked up the spillage. Cursing the wet grass, he brushed himself off and began to stand up when he was hit by the strangest feeling

Blood...everywhere blood. Noises in the distance told him that there was some sort of battle going on - screams, the clashing of something that sounded a bit like metal and yet he knew, somehow, that it wasn’t.  Struggling to stand upright, instinctively wanting to join the fight, Lee stopped short. Not wanting to believe it, he passed his hands over his eyes, once, twice, three times. He scrubbed until he thought he would tear his eyelids off and yet still, he couldn’t see

“Can you hear me? Lee? Come on, wake up.”
   “I’m awake, I’m awake...what happened? Why’s everyone staring?”
   “You fainted. It’s ok dear, there was a lot of blood, we understand.”
The teacher, looking just as wet and even more frazzled than her pupils, moved back to let Lee stand up. “Right - I think that’s quite enough for one day. Back to the hut for lunch and then we might as well just go back to the hostel.” 
   As they all trudged towards the wooden hut beside the lake, Annie made sure she stumbled a little so that Lee grabbed her hand, saying, “we don’t want you to fall as well.” It was funny for her to think how, only a few moments ago, Annie had thought she would never have feeling in her extremities again, and now her, her very fingernails were tingling with heat. If this was how he could make her feel just by touching her hand...Annie shuddered with delight at this new and unexpected thought. Just as her mind was wandering down a dangerously graphic route (where she and Lee were lost somewhere, anywhere, and his hands were beginning to touch her in other places) something caught her eye. Looking left and tripping she saw that it was a stone circle that had attracted her attention. Aware that something had happened, Annie felt an all encompassing calm and even though she knew Lee had put his arm round her waist to steady her, she couldn’t seem to feel it.

The End

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