Annie was so bored she couldn’t think straight. Bouncing around in the school’s coach wasn’t really the way she wanted to spend her half term. “I can’t believe they’re making us do this” stretching her legs out and over Lee’s knees, she wriggled until she was more comfortable. Rolling his eyes, Lee sat more upright so her legs fell better across his lap, “This is what you get for taking geography GCSE”
   “I know. I hope you realise this is all your fault”
   “Yeah, of course. I made you take geography”
Giggling, Annie turned to stare out the window as a thrill shivered its way down her spine. Talking to him always made her feel brighter, like the colours of things around her were sharper. Although she resented having to go on the school trip, she was secretly excited. She and Lee had grown close over the last year and this week away from home seemed to promise endless opportunities to further expand on their relationship. When she cast her mind back over the last few months, she couldn’t believe that, in the beginning at least, talking to him had been an effort. It had been strange because she wasn’t exactly quiet, but when this rangy, floppy haired boy asked to sit next to her in her geography class all she could do was blush and nod. He seemed to understand though, because he took her embarrassment in his stride, and teased her gently till she loosened up. After the initial, uncharacteristic shyness from Annie, they soon became friends and then inseparable. She didn’t even realise how much she liked him until one Thursday after school. He’d been a bit down and she was trying to cheer him up (doing the infamous finger dance - a craze that had swept its way through the entire year eleven) poking him every now and then, smiling up into his face in the way she knew he thought was cute and all of a sudden he grabbed her and hugged her.  A burst of fireworks erupted in her stomach and she gasped as she felt herself melting from the inside out. She’d never felt giddy like this before. So dizzy she could barely stand she managed to giggle breathlessly, “what’s this for?” and he squeezed her tightly in reply. After that it seemed that he was all she could think about.
    “If you look out of the windows, guys, you’ll be able to see when we leave England and enter Wales...ready?” Thirty teenagers, including Annie and Lee, stared out the window. Annie noted that, although the sky was blue at the moment, after the ‘Croeso i Cymru’ sign the clouds got noticeably darker, which further reinforced her idea that Wales was, indeed, a stupid place to be.

The End

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