Branded by blood.



*Blood. It was the first time I had ever seen any and their was so much of it. Everywhere I looked all I could see was blood. My parent’s blood. Thick, red blood.

It all happened so fast, it was my ninth birthday and my parents had just gotten home from a long business trip, one moment we were hiking in the woods behind our summer house, and the next they were there. They were so fast I could barely see them. I looked up at my mum to ask what was going on but she wasn’t there, neither was my father. I spun around desperately trying to find them, screaming for them and that was when I saw the blood, it was splattered all over the trees and ground. I was frozen in shock, I tried to scream but I couldn’t find the strength to even move my lips.

 I just stood there wide eyed staring at the blood. Then he was there... staring at me...  He started to walk slowly and cautiously towards me and I shuffled backwards away from him tripping over a fallen branch and landing hard on the blood soaked ground. I heard a woman laugh and felt a chill run down my spine. I could feel my eyes watering up. He was close now; he knelt down beside me and whispered to me “It’s going to be ok. I promise.”

“Gabriel, what are you doing?”

He turned around slowly to face a young woman with long flowing blond hair and another young man with dark very short hair. I noticed something about the three of them, they all looked very young barely more than twenty, they all had very pale skin and the colour of their eyes looked almost black.

“Nothing. Lets go,” he replied as he hurriedly walked away from me and towards the blond haired woman. I took this time to get a good look at him; he was tall with medium length spiky dark brown hair. He was wearing dark black jeans and a white t-shirt that had some small drops of blood at the bottom of it.

“Wait. I think we’ve found your final test” she said smiling at me, showing off a set of amazingly white teeth.

“I won’t kill her.” he said. As I heard this I could feel my insides tense, she wanted him to kill me. I took a breath as I tried to calm down.

“I was thinking more along the lines of branding” she said while removing what appeared to be a small branding iron like the kind I’d seen the farmers use on their cattle on the farm up the road “but if you aren’t up for it I guess I can always kill you both.” I could see his whole body tense, then he turned around slowly to look at me. I think he could see the fear in my eyes, I felt one stray tear run down my cheek, at this he took out a knife from his back pocket, my heart stopped, he dragged the blade across his palm without taking his eyes off me.

“Give me that,” he said snatching the branding iron from the woman and walking over to me. She still had that evil smile on her face as she watched him kneel beside me again.

“Hey” he said in a very quiet soothing voice “my name’s Gabriel. What’s yours?”

“Alexis” I said shakily looking into his dark eyes “where’s my mum and dad?”

He dropped his eyes to the ground and said slowly “I’m sorry Lexi your parents won’t be coming back.” He took the branding iron and pressed the head of it into his bleeding hand covering it with blood. When he removed it the cut healed up right in front of my eyes and I gasped at the sight of it. He smiled calmly at me and said “don’t worry ok. Everything’s going to be ok. I promise.”

Then he stabbed the branding iron into my right arm, I hadn’t seen him heat it up but I could feel it burning my skin. I looked down at my arm and realised that it was the blood that was burning me not the branding iron. It felt like my arm was on fire. The pain was so awful I couldn’t even scream. I tried to pull my arm back but that only made it worse and I couldn’t take it anymore. As I blacked out I heard him say my name.


The End

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